Dr. Dan James Pantone blackmail for 10%

During my very limited investigations, I was amazed at how easy it was to find mountains of evidence of Dr. Dan Pantone’s alleged criminal activities (including conspiracy to commit murder, rape, assault, fraud, bribery, money laundering, and tax evasion) across several countries. (Source: Regional association of cacao producers of Loreto - Peru, the Regional Association of Peasant Women and Naturals of Loreto, Amazons of Llano Peru, the members of the National Convention of CONVEAGRO Peruvian Agro - Peru associated to the CGTP - PERU)

I certainly don’t have the same resources as Channel 9's 60 Minutes, but the fact is Liam Bartlett said. “We know all about Dan Pantone.

During September of 2010, Dr. Dan James Pantone was working for David Nilsson as a guide and translator, as David Nilsson could not speak Spanish. Pantone wanted 10% of David Nilsson’s business before he would take him to meet the MATSES tribe in Peru. Pantone was caught copying private files from David Nilsson including his passport details, emails from Dr. Carly Green, his wife and many other confidential documents.  (Source: Court Document)

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