Dan Pantone mastermind murder Amazon Chief

Dan James Pantone, which presents himself as a Ph.D. researcher accused of having created a website to sell videos of the MATIS (Brazil) Indians of the Javari Valley appears suspected of masterminding the death of indigenous Angel Uaqui in March last year in Iquitos, Peru, Angle was in a car when he was intercepted bt two men on a motorcycle. The duo made several shots, but he was unhurt. The case is investigated by Peruvian police.

Bribery offences, humiliation sessions and even a plot to kill Angle Uaqui Maya.

Due to Pantone death threats and fearing for his safety, Nilsson was unable to attend the meeting of fifteen chiefs, or to visit the MATSES (Peru) native community In April 2011.  This attempted murder was reported to Peruvian Police and the Australian Embassy.  

Nilsson went in to hiding fearful for his life, with the protection from two body guards 24/7. Nilsson was in contact with me daily by Skype. Pantone called Nilsson wife in Australia and told her if he did not leave Peru within two days that Pantone and AIDESEP would have him deported. AIDESEP had some of the tribes sign up to deport Nilsson. They wanted to destroy Nilsson relationship with the MATSES (Peru). Around the same time, head Chief of the MATSES (Peru)  Angel Uaqui Dunu Maya was run off the road in his car and several shots were fired at him. Angel reported this to the Peruvian and Brazilian police.

Source. zezoferreira Brazil




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