Dan Pantone AIDESEP attempt

During Dan Pantone's and AIDESEP's (Felipe Pacuri Flores) first attempt to destroy David Nilsson's credibility with the Matses, one of the documents stolen was a draft agreement for discussion purposes only (written in English) that Mr. David Nilsson had been using this for meetings with Governors in the Philippines.  Dan Pantone changed the front page of this document, replacing the Philippines example with the name of the MATSES (Peru). This Dan Pantone doctoring made it look like Mr. David Nilsson was scamming the MATSES (Peru) people out of their land as reported by AIDESEP. Chris Lang, Dr Daniel Huaman Patrick, Bodenham, and many other NGO'S and media outlets portrayed David Nilsson as a criminal using the Queensland Government website, newspaper clippings about Mr. David Nilsson from 15 years ago and the Dan Pantone doctored MATSES (Peru) agreement.  Dan Nilsson was portrayed as an international criminal by social media and the local newspapers.

The original false and defamatory story about Mr. David Nilsson had offered the MATSES (Peru) was written by Patrick (Patch Bodenham) on the 2nd of May 2011 and placed on the internet. [Source:]

Patrick Bodenham, Chris Lang, and others uploaded Mr. David Nilsson’s passport onto the internet. This is a serious criminal offence under Australian Law, carrying up to a 10 year jail sentence an $110,000 fine or both.  Dr Danel Huanam before the Court confirmed that fact the Dan Pantone had given him a copy of David Nilsson's passport and other legal documents. [Source : Australian Passport Penalties]


On 21st March 2011, the fifteen MATSES (Peru) chiefs came looking for Mr. David Nilsson without Dan Pantone and they officially invited David Nilsson into their native community for further discussions to be held on 16th & 17th April 2011. The MATSES (Peru) came looking for David Nilsson. He was not out hunting for native tribes as Reported by Liam Bartlett Australian Channel 9's 60 Minutes Australia. [Source:  MATSES Invitation to Nilsson 21 March 2011 (312K PDF) Note" English translation page 1 and Spanish original pages 2 & 3]

Dr. Dan Pantone contacted the President of Loreto Peru and stopped all future meetings between them and Dr. Carly Green, David Nilsson's lead consultant and partner, who is a leading world expert who has been involved in over forty carbon projects around the globe. On the 20th March 2011, Dr. Green's company, LandCam Carbon Accounting & Monitoring, terminated the "Cooperation Agreement" with Nilsson stating "the witness Dan Pantone for David Nilsson is under suspicion for criminal activities terminating this agreement".

pantone-200x125Dan Pantone used Queensland Government website and Jim Pearce’s defamatory comments to discredit David Nilsson. Dan Pantone then proceeded to forge one of David Nilsson's documents, using documents stolen from David Nilsson's laptop, and represented it as a document between MATSES (Peru) and David Nilsson.  [Source:  Court document  Nilsson v. Pantone

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