Dan Pantone wanted in Brazil

The Brazilian Amazon Indians indigenous group has denounceed Dan Pantone's unauthorized sale of photos of Vale do Javari (AM)  [Source: Media Portal - in Portuguese - Google translator available on site.]

Pantone website selling illegal Amazon videos

The website also offers a "special offer until end of month for the very same "The MATIS" video footage 60 Minutes Australia used on its David Nilsson Carbon Cowboy episode. The site states "whoever buys five videos will save U.S. $20" [Source: If blocked by Dan Pantone's fancy IP software, then click here.Brazilian Source with English Google translator:] 

Dan Pantone denounced for raising $300,000 in subsidies for the natives that they have never recieved!

Dan Pantone was denounced by the Union of Indigenous Peoples of the JAVARI Valley (UNIVAJA) for the unauthorized use of images and videos. Dan Pantone, has claimed to work for Brazilian indigenous Matsés, Amas and Matis Foundation - yet none of the three groupsa are found in Brazil. Dan Pantone also claims that he is a director of AIDESEP, maintained by Rain Forest Foundation UK. Dan Pantone websites raised $300,000, but Amazon Indians claim they have received nothing. [Source: Media Portal in Portuguese. Google translated version here: Site help Indians said, but received nothing tribe]

Dan Pantone's illegal of images and videos

Brazilian Amazon Indians have asked the Federal Minister to take action to stop Dan Pantoe's illicit trade. The Brazilian Amazon Indians want Federal prosecutors to ban Dan Pantone's images. Dan Pantone's website,,  misuse images that exploit Amazon Indians. Dan Pantone's websites have raised $300,000, but Amazon Indians claim they have received nothing. [Source: Brazilian Source with English Google translator:]

Dan Pantone's site sells photos of Brazilian Indians without premission

Dan Pantone's website,, sells photos and videos of Brazilian Amazon Indians of Javari Valley without permission. Amazon Indians state that they have not received any money! Brazilian Authorities attempted to contact Dan Pantone via his website email and Pantone did not respond. [Source:]

 Dan Pantone's Brazilian Police Dosier

Complaints by indigenous representatives were formalized and are in a dossier that was delivered to the headquarters of the Department of Amazonas Federal Police (DPF-AM) in Manaus. The document is titled "American Dan James Pantone" and states: ...[Patrone] presents himself as Ph.D. researcher and is accused of having created a website to sell videos of the Matis Indians of the Javari Valley...Patrone appears as suspect in the death of Indian Angel Uaqui. [Source:]

Brazil or Peru - where were the videos shot?  Dan Pantone attempts $30,000 bribe for support of his copyright.

Dan Patrone claims the pictures were made on the Peruvian side, however , the indigenous MATIS leader Busche said the photos were taken on the Brazilian side. Even though it is forbidden to set foot on Brazilian soil, Patrone was in the village in December 2011 and tried to bribe Bushe with $30,000 for his support the contents of the letter. [Source: ime News from Brazil  (see last yellow highlighted paragraph)]

Pantone confirms to Peruvian Court that the videos were shot in Brazil  
Source:  Court Document.

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