Dr. Daniel Huanam of Peru

Photo-Presdent-MATSES-NGO-Daniel-Huaman--Matses-small-100x200Dan Pantone's partner, Dr. Daniel Manquid Jimenez Huanam, is the President of the MATSES NGO, which is not a registered NGO in Peru or Brazil. MATSES NGO is only an association, which channels all of the funds it raises to its vice president, Dr. Dan Pantone. Pantone now states that he has resigned and that the association is now owned 100% by the MATSES, but Pantone still remains as the coordinator and advisor. All of the website links remain controlled by Pantone and the PayPal account that collects all the funds is in Dan Pantone’s name! Basically business as usual. [Source: MATSES Association document]

Dr. Daniel Manquid Jimenez Huanam is an educated man who has published several books on the MATSES culture. These books are for sale online. During a Court hearing  in the city of Iquitos, at 11:20 of July 20, 2011, Dr. Daniel Manquid Jimenez Huanam stated the following:    

11. QUESTION: From where did you acquire personal documentation of David Jhon NILSSON?

ANSWER: "A copy of his passport was handed to me by Mr. DAN PANTONE."

13.QUESTION: If you don't have computer knowledge from where did you acquire information from the internet in order for you to present documents in the advocacy of the people?
ANSWER: "I requested of DAN PANTONE to help me get information from the internet in order to present it to the advocacy.

18. QUESTION: Are you currently under trial for any crimes?
HE ANSWERED: "Yes, I'm under current trial for ideological falsehood." [Source: Court Document]

These statements by Huanam prove beyond doubt that Huanam and Pantone were partners in crime against Nillson (the Carbon Cowboy). Huanam subsequently passed Nilsson's passport to Chris Lang from the and AIDESEP who both illegally published a copy of Nilsson passport online, totally ignoring the penalties for such serious crime.

Dr Daniel Huaman was denounced by his own Matses tribe in November 2011 and again in August 2012 by the Federation of YAGUAS on the Apayacu River Communities and by the CGTP Union. [Source Letter from the Union CGTP]

matses later in lifeDr. Daniel Huaman & Dan Pantone was images2
denounced by Juranda, family and community for illicit trafficking of images and using the MATSES name without their premission [Source: Huaman and Pantone denounced by Juranda | 147K PDF original document in Spanish]

Dr. Daniel Huaman was denounced by Federation of Yaguas Villiage of the River Apayacu, Australian Embassy and the US Embassy along with Dan Pantone, Stephen Rice, Liam Bartlett, Channel 9 Australia 60 Minutes and others. [Source:  La Regional News 13 Aug 2012  |  Australian Embassy US Embassy]

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