David Nilsson and the YAGUAS Amazon Indians

In 2011, the Peruvian native communities of Cuzco, Sabalillo, Boca Apayacu, San Augusto and their Federation of the YAGUAS towns of the Apayacu River "FEPYRA" contacted Nilsson and asked him to be a strategic partner. During 2011, Nilsson had many meetings with the communities as he went through the due process of Free Prior Informed Consent (FPIC) set out under the guideline of the United Nations when dealing with indigenous people’s lands. [Source: FPIC]

The reasons David Nilsson, aka Carbon Cowboy,  and the YAGUAS did this are:

  1. This is the rule of the YAGUAS communities because they are socialist society; every decision made must be voted on by the people. This is their Sovereign right in Peru.
  2. Minutes and records of the all meetings are kept by the group. Also Nilsson has proof that he had complied with the FPIC guidelines set by the UN that confirms nothing was misrepresented. 
  3. The independent auditor for the carbon project would also need these documents as part of the validation process.
  4. The Federation leaders and the President of the YAGUAS, Fasanando Julcas Javier Luis, must have his people's approval to start the legal process with Nilsson.
  5. He did not want to put any pressure on the Indigenous communities.

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