YAGUAS Amazon Indians seeks David Nilsson - Carbon Cowboy.

On the 11th of October 2011 at 1 pm the community of the YAGUAS Amazon Indans had a meeting where they voted and passed a resolution giving their consent to their four FEDERACION DE PUEBLOS YAGUAS DEL RIO APAYACU  “FEPYRA” leaders and their President Fasanando to start the legal processing for drafting an agreement with Nilsson.  

In Peru on the 31st October 2011, Nilsson signs an agreement with the Peruvian native communities of Cuzco, Sabalillo, Boca Apayacu, San Augusto and their Federation "FEPYRA" of the YAGUAS towns of the Apayacu River. The group went on their own accord and voluntary had the agreement with Nilsson ratified to make legally binding.

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