Dan Pantone 2nd attempt

Dan Pantone out to destroy David Nilsson for the 2nd time.

Dan Pantone tried to get the YAGUAS people to work with him.  The YAGUAS people rejected Dan Pantone, because they had seen what Dr Dan Pantone had done to the MATSES in Peru and the MATIS in Brazil.

IBC logoPantone, IBC, Chris Lang, Simon Tegal from the GlobalPost and many others from disseminating false accusations; they rehashed Pantone's old story about Nilsson and the Queensland Government website.  Once again Nilsson, it is "trial by media" without any substance. They purposely and with full intentions went out to destroy the duly signed ratified agreement of a Carbon and Sustainable Forest Management Project Mr. David Nilsson had arranged with the Peruvian YAGUAS Amazon Indians.  

YAGUAS 16th & 17th Feb 2012  denounced  Dan Pantone and IBC.  Also both were expelled from YAGUAS territories.  

Dan Pantones first attempt was with the MATSES and it failed.

Now Dan Pantone's with YAGUAS has failed to distroy the David Nilsson creditability with the Amazon Indians.

Source:  Pronoucement by YAGUAS 16th & 17th Feb 2012   
PDF 177KB    Spanish Original & English translation

Remember Liam Barlett from Channel 9 Sixty Minutes Australia states:  "We know all about Dan Pantone" 

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