Dan Pantone attempts to steal project

Dan Pantone and his associates wanted to make sure that David Nilsson would lose his credibility globally, so no banker, fund manger, investors or professional people would take David Nilsson seriously.

Dan Pantone and his associates launched a new Media campaign against Mr. Nilsson as a criminal scamming the communities of Cuzco, Sabalillo, Boca Apayacu, San Augusto and their Federation 'FEPYRA" of the YAGUAS indigenous people of the Amazon.

Dan Pantone wants to steal Nilsson project after his first attempt to discredit Mr. Nilsson with the MATSES had failed, then again after Pantone's second attempt fails with the YAGUAS Amazon Indians.

Dan Pantone had already stolen a draft agreement and working documents for a Project Development Design “PDD “from David Nilsson’s laptop in 2010.Simeon Tegal from the Global post attached Mr. David Nilsson.

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