David Pantone 3rd attempt

With Channel 9's 60 Minutes Australia Liam Bartlett gets involved.

Pantone and his associates were not finished with the YAGUAS or Nilsson.   Pantone and his assoicates wanted to overturn Nilsson's agreement with the YAGUAS.

Pantone did not like being rejected in favor of Nilsson by the YARGUAS. The YAGUAS banned Pantone and his associates, including the NGO IBC, from entering their territory and denounced Pantone publicly in the press in February 2012.  

Pantone and his associates keep up their attackes on Nilsson via social media, local newspapers, ensure that no banks, fund managers or any financial institution would have anything to do with him. Nilsson is once having his creditability on trial by media.  Pantone and his associates weret out to ruin Nilsson by defaming Nilsson and spreading false and misleading information about Nilsson aka "the Carbon Cowboy".

Next they bring in Liam Ross Bartlett, Steven Derik Rice and a TV crew all the way from Australia. Channel 9’s 60 Minutes' Bartlett proceeds to go on a witch hunt with Dan Pantone to get dirt on Nilsson and to discredit him international to destroy him and his project with the YAGUAS.

 Source:  YAGUAS Offical Record - denouncing Pantone, Barlett, Rice and others 

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