60 Minutes Entrapment of Carbon Cowboy

Liam Bartlett from 60 Minutes Australia used entrapment to blindside David Nilsson aka Carbon Cowboy.  

Channel 9  Sixty Minutes, Liam Bartlett, Stephen Rice did not research the facts behind the story, only believed what the where told by Dan Pantone, a psychopath killer of least two Amazon Indians and his associates and the information their read on social media, which was written by Dan Pantone and his associates in their attempt to destroy David Nilsson "Carbon Cowboy" and gain control over Nilsson's Amazon 200 year project over 3,000,000 hectares with the YAGAUS indigenous community.   Source:  See the another articles on this website |  All the facts of Pantone's Copyright Fraud. |  Dan Pantone in Court in Peru |  Court Orders Dan Pantone House Detention until Peru Court Hearing.

The facts I under covered so easily are very overwhelming.  It is unbelievable to me how Bartlett could get  the entire story so totally wrong.  After looking at all the facts on this website, you would wonder why Liam Barlett, Stephen Rice and Channel 9's Sixty Minutes did what they did to David Nilsson. How much was Dan Pantone paid by Chanel 9?  How much was the painted Indian was paid by Chanel 9?  What was it in for them - Channel 9?  

The YAGUAS Amazon Indians has already referred this matter to the Australian Embassy and they also have requested it to be referred to the Australian Attorney General.   Nilsson, his wife and myself have all had several death threats by telephone, which have already been reported to the Federal Police.  Source:  YAGUAS letter to Australian Embassy | Newspaper Articles #1 | Newspaper Articles #2 | Report to Federal Police |  YAGUAS denouce Barlett, Rice & Channel 9 and others

A class action by the Amazon Indians against  Liam Bartlett, Stephen Rice, Channel 9 is currently being drafted. There is lot of other criminal charges also against Liam Barlett, Stephen Rice and Dan Pantone:  trespass, visa violations, human rights violations, copyright, deceptive and misleading conduct (Australian Consumer Law (ACL) breaches) and aiding and betting Dan Pantone's illicit trade of illegal images and videos of Amazon Indians who have been trying to stop Dan Pantone for many years now.   Sixty Minutes actually used Dan Pantone's illegal video footage on their segment on David Nilsson  the "The Carbon Cowboy".  It should also be noted that Channel 9 as at today (3 Oct 2012) are still promoting Dan Pantone's illegal videos on their website   "60 Minutes - The Carbon Cowboy", especially after the YAGAUS Amazon Indians have publicly denounced Dan Pantone, Liam Bartlett, Stephen Rice and Channel 9 Sixty Minutes in newspapers and they made official complaints to the Australian Embassy and the Australia Attorney General,   No doubt there will be many more charges to come.

To set his trap, Liam Bartlett used an actor called "Simone" to phone Nilsson about a property Nilsson had advertised for sale on the Gumtree website.  David Nilsson met Simone naturally thinking it was just all about real-estate.  During the conversation about real-estate, Simone asked David Nilsson what else does he do besides real-estate.   To which David Nilsson explained his carbon project in Peru. Simone said that he has a wealthy friend in Sydney called Steve Rodgers. Rodgers may be interested in investing money in the project, that he would call him.

The following week a meeting was set up to meet with Steve Rodgers at the Sofitel Hotel in Brisbane. David Nilsson was unaware that Liam Bartlett was in the room just next door secretly recording the meeting. The first thing David Nilsson does was to explain to Rogers about Dan Pantone and how Dan Pantone previously discredited David Nilsson aka Carbon Cowboy by using the archive information on Queensland Government website and all the Clearview development which took place fifteen years ago.  David Nilsson went on to explain how it all started, then how he was investigated by the Federal Police, and the Federal Court Judge dismissing all charges against him back on 29 Oct 1999.

After an hour into the meeting, Liam Bartlett enters the room with Rodgers and David Nilsson.

Bartlett says to Nilsson: "WE KNOW ALL ABOUT DANIEL PANTONE”

Liam Barlett: “Do not tamper alter or destroy that one hour that you recorded during the  "Steve Rogers and David Nilsson meeting".

Parts of the 60 Minutes transcript is missing WHY? It does not reflect the whole interview on the original video posted on line early July.  Liam Bartlett what about your ethics of Honesty, Fairness, Independence, Respect for rights of others?   Source:  Media Code of Ethics

All Liam Bartlett needed to do ask David Nilsson for is an interview. No fancy entrapment hype in the attempt to reinforce Liam Barlet's non factual story about David Nillson, who had nothing to hide.  David Nilsson had already sat down for face to face for a video interview with freelance reporter from the Sydney Morning Herald, Patrick Bodenham. However Liam Bartlett preferred to use shock tactics and sensationalism in preference to solid research and fact checking.

What Alan Jones 2UE said about the Australian Prime Minister  was nothing in magnitude what Stephen Rice, Liam Barlett and Channel 9 has done to the Indigenous peoples of Peru, Brazil and Australia (Nilsson being Indigenous too).

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