Liam Bartlett and Stephen Rice from 60 Minutes Australia deliberately sets out to Derail David Nilsson' Peruvian Project.

In my opinion the 60 Minutes program, assisted by Dan Pantone, attacked David Nilsson to derail or kill off the David Nilsson Carbon Project with the Amazon Indians who have since come out in mass to reconfirm their commitment to David Nilsson and the project.  This project would have been one the largest such carbon projects in this world today and would have greatly benefited the other stakeholders, the Amazon Indians.  In my opinion Dan Pantone motive was:

  1. David Nilsson rejected Dan Pantone's blackmail attempt to have 10% of the project and; 

  2. Dan Pantone's attempt to steal Nilsson David Foundation which was going to funded from David Nilsson's profits, to assist Brother Paul to support Indigenous people. There is 500,000ha that have been approved for palm oil.  David Nilsson was going to make this the first stage of the carbon project.

Nilsson reputation, on thousands of website worldwide, has severely and unjustly damaged, by Dan Pantone's malicious smear campaign against David Nilsson. Liam Bartlett 60 Minutes stated in the interview and their website transcript stated "we know all about Dan Pantone".  60 Minutes Ch 9 Australia aided and abetted Dan Pantone in his conquest to defame David Nilsson.

The Amazon Indian the MATSES and the YAGUAS say they came looking for David Nilsson he never promised them billions of dollars further more they say they have 3,000,000 ha and they want David Nilsson to complete the mapping furthermore that they had independent legal advice and since have had their agreement with Nilsson ratified. 

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