Dan Pantone 3rd attempt with Bartlett - FAILED

Dan Pantone 3rd attempt together with Liam Bartlett, Stephen Rice & Sixty Minutes
FAILED  to discredit David  Nilsson  with YAGAUS

Liam Bartlett, Stephen Rice visit to Peru to film "David Nilsson the Carbon Cowboy"  Channel 9, 60 Minutes segment aired on Australian TV July 2012.

Liam Bartlett’s your statements about the YAGAUS and David Nilsson are deceptive and misleading conduct.  Stephen Rice, your video footage is also deceptive and misleading conduct, plus against the Journalist Code of Ethics.  The YAGUAS did not invite you or Dan Pantone.  Liam Bartlett said "We know all about Dan Pantone".

Even though Dan Pantone had been expelled from the YAGUAS territory this did not stop Dan Pantone, Stephen Rice and Liam Bartlett Channel 9 - 60 minutes journalists and crew from trespassing on YAGUAS land.  They showed no respect for the YAGAUS indigenous people who are the land owners of this land or no respect for the laws of Peru while working on a tourist visa.  

  1. Liam Bartlett called the YAGAUS Peruvian Amazon Indians:Liam Bartlett said "Nilsson promised them billion dollar carbon deals to some of the poorest people on the planetLiam Bartlett called the YAGUAS Amazon Indians of Peru "the Jaguar people".  When in fact the Jaguar people are the MATIS from Brazil who have also also previously denounced Pantone for selling the illegal videos of their culture and heritage.
    1. "dirt poor"
    2. "desperately poor people"
    3. "who are easily manipulated".
  2. Stephen Rice showed the illegal footage of the MATIS Amazon Indians in Brazil running around half naked with bow and arrows while all the time Liam Bartlett, Stephen Rice and Dan Pantone were in Peru.   
  3. This not how the MATIS of Brazil looked even in 2006 and 2008 when Bruce Parry from the BBC and the Discovery Channel did the documentary, I have been told that Pantone paid them to dress for his videos.  This not their normal daily dress.  Source:
  4. Pantone said. "Nilsson saw them owned a lot of land about 450,000 ha."  Pantone is talking on about the MATSES in Peru, NOT THE YAGUAS. However Liam Bartlett is implying he is talking about the YAGUAS.
  5. Simon Tegal from the GlobalPost and Liam Bartlet show an Indian named Hegnay-Iscaata, you reported "he could read or write, and he did not sign the documet because it was as scam"   This fellow was not from the YAGUAS tribe.     
  6. The "Painted Indian: is also not from the YAGUAS tribe.  This is how he dresses for the tourists for opportunist photoshoots.  Again is not his normal daily dress!  Liam Bartlett and Stephen Rice you shoot this video elsewhere!

Now that is misleading and deceptive conduct not to mention breaks the Jounalist Code of Ethics.

Dan Pantone and Liam Bartlett are caught out they underestimated the intelligence of the YAGUAS and their loyalty for Nilsson.  On the 8th and 12th of August the Amazon Indians reconfirmed their commitment to Nilsson and to the project.  They said - Nilsson did not promise them billions of dollars; Nilsson never presented himself, his company or his companions as representatives being a part of the United Nations.

The Amazon Indians came looking for David Nilsson as a strategic partner and 50 % / 50% is a fair deal to them.  Nilsson has 100 + 100 year agreement that is legal binding and has been also been ratified. The Amazon Indians  are completely confident in Nilsson and they want him to complete the project.

See source documents below:   

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