60 Minutes' Trial of Carbon Cowboy David Nilsson by Media

The 60 Minutes transcript has been translated into Spanish on their website, which is surely a first for the program. It is my option that this was done to destroy Nilsson globally especial in Spanish speaking countries like South America and thanks to Channel 9's  60 minutes he has appeared on thousands of websites globally.

David Nilsson credibility has been totally destroyed internationally this is trail by media Dan Pantone,  Channel 9's  60 Minutes and Liam Bartlett.

The effect of this action is now David Nilsson  cannot approach Bankers, Fund Managers or Investors with confidence, as no one will take him seriously.  They all will be frightened to be associated with David Nilsson, as they too could be attacked by the media and have their business ruined by Channel 9's 60 minutes.

In my option the only avenue for the Amazons Indians in Peru, Brazil and Nilsson is class action for damages against Dan Pantone, Liam Bartlett, Stephen Rice, and the owners of Channel 9's  60 minutes and others.

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