ACMA Damages

Liam Bartlett said in the July 2012 60 Minutes show Carbon Cowboy, that "WE KNOW ALL ABOUT DAN PANTONE."  It is my opinion that Bartlett, Rice, the show's Directors, the owners of Channel 9, and CVC Australia Pacific willfully and knowingly committed 'Misleading and Deceptive Conduct.'

ACMA  "Australia Communications Media Authority "  prohibits conduct by corporations which is misleading or deceptive, or is likely to mislead or deceive.  State Fair Trading Legislation contains similar provisions in relation to misleading or deceptive conduct by individuals. Section 12DA of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission Act 2001 prohibits misleading or deceptive conduct in financial services.  Individuals, such as Barlett, Rice and the Directors of Channel 9, may be ancillary liable those breaches too  Also important to note: If the person engaging in the conduct intended to mislead or deceive, or was fraudulent in their conduct, then the courts cannot reduce the damages.

Here are examples of conduct that was misleading or deceptive:

  • Attempting to pass off film footage of the Brazilian Amazon Indians THE MATIS as Peruvian Amazon Indians.
  • Using a painted Indian Hennay Iscaata as if he was a part of the YAGUAS. (Hennay Iscaata was from a different tribe.)
  • Entering YAGUAS territory without expressed consent.
  • Showing a respected young married woman as Nilsson's girlfriend. This was not Nilsson girlfriend.
  • Bartlett stating toviewers that he was going to see the Jaguar people who reside deep into the Peruvian jungle. This was  false as the Jaguar people are in the MATIS who live in Brazil.  
  • Bartlett and Rice were never in Brazil and showed footage of Brazil MATIS when stating they were in Peru.
  • Stating that Nilsson's lawyer was the same lawyer who acted for the Yaguas Amazon Indians. 
  • The "full transcript" on 60 Minutes website, does not reflect the entire conversation that was recorded in the video.
  • Working in Peru without Journalist Visa is a criminal offence under the Peruvian Aliens Act. The Amazon Indians have already made formal complaints.

Also, aiding and abetting, conspiracy and accessory after the fact to defame David Nilsson in an attempt to destroy and damage the duly signed ratified agreement of a Carbon and a Sustainable Forest Management Project with the Peruvians Amazon Indians. The Amazon Indians have now came out en masse to confirm their agreement with Nilsson and that the agreement was for three million hectares.

Fund mangers, shareholders, and investors looking at buying or funding Channel 9 should be aware of the class action for damages that is pending against Channel 9, Barlett, Rice & the Channel 9 directors. This pending class action from the Yaguas Amazon Indians (Peru) and David Nilsson may run into a massive damage claim, which can be easily calculated as Bartlett confirmed.  Bartlett, who has an economics degree, stated on air that "each tree holds a ton of carbon worth $23." This calculation by Bartlett set a value for the project. It won’t be hard to work out the damages by calculating how many trees there are on 3 million hectares and multiplying that by $23 per tree.  

Nilsson  has a 100 year plus 100 year agreement that has been ratified by the Federation of the YAGAUS Towns of the Apayacu River "FEPYRA." In 2008 they had a respected forester complete a major timber inventory on approximately 11,200 ha. It was valued by a certified Government forestry valuer and it is well over $USD 129,000,000. Because of 60 Minutes, Nilsson has lost all credibility. Nilsson has received death threats and fears for his life, if he should ever enter Peru or any Spanish speaking country. Pantone and Bartlett’s translator Simeon Tegal from the Globalpost made sure that these false accusations were circulated on the major South American News Papers and TV.  His real-estate business is in ruin.  Further more, the story has gone crazy on the internet thanks to Channel 9, this may cost a fortune to put right.

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