Pantone prison 8 years

As of 2nd February 2012, Dr. Dan Pantone has been charged with fraud under article 196 and under article 207and may go to prison for up to eight years. Fraud carries punishment of up to six year jail and  "Information Offence” carries up to two years. Pantone is charged with stealing documents, images, a passport,  details and copy, as well as private and confidential correspondence from David Nilsson’s laptop. Meanwhile, the Court has ruled for a 'restricted appearance.' [Source: Court document  Nilsson v. Pantone]

Dr. Daniel Huaman was also charged along with Pantone, however Huaman has confessed that Pantone gave him the documents. Nilsson has since withdrawn the chargers against Huaman.

At this time, Pantone is restricted to his home and cannot be absent without court authorization. When David Nilsson informed Liam Bartlett of this fact, Barlett said:

LIAM BARTLETT: We know all about Daniel Pantone.

DAVID: And hang on, and he’s under house arrest.

LIAM BARTLETT: No, he’s not under house arrest, that’s a lie

Peru March 21st 2012

In the Court Orders, Dr. Dan Pantone is sanctioned in the first paragraph of Article 207-A of the Criminal Code in forced in detriment of David Nilsson, ordering against Dr. Dan Pantone. The Court ordered RESTRICTED APPEARANCE, subject to the following conduct rules:

  • personal and compulsory appearance to the court each 30 days and inform about his actives and control with his corresponding note book;
  • do not be absent from the place of his domicile without prior authorization of the court. [Source: Court document ruling  Pantone Restricted Appearance]

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