MATSES request help to stop Dan Pantone

In March 2011, Angel Uaqui (Amazon Indian Head Chief of the MATSES in Peru) knew about Dan Pantone’s illegal use of video and images of the Amazon Indians of Brazil & Peru. Angel Uaqui required assistance to stop Dr. Pantone profiting from selling these videos online. Angel Uaqui and Matses representatives approached Mr. Nilsson for help regarding this matter. Mr. Nilsson asked me to purchase these videos online to gather evidence of Dan Pantone's illegal trafficking of Amazon Indian images and videos for use by Nilsson's lawyer Jorge Walter Cambero Alva.

The videos were purchased online using PayPal, and were sent by Dr. Pantone to my home address in Australia. I have made an official complaint to PayPal, providing them with a copy of the envelop, receipt and email from Dan Pantone.

Dr. Pantone has scammed numerous others globally for years by selling DVDs from  Customers thought that the proceeds were going to the Amazon Indians who badly need medical supplies, clean water, education. The DVDs were sold to help relieve the poverty affecting the Amazon Indians through the "Non Profit NGO" website  Both the MATIS (in Brazil) & MATSES (in Peru) state that they have never received any money from Pantone.  Neither the MATIS nor the MATSES ever gave Dan Pantone any authority to sell images or videos of their culture and heritage. [Source]

I have submitted a document in the Court of Peru regarding Dan Pantone's illegal trafficking of Amazon Indian images and videos. [Source  Warden Court Statutory Declaration]

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