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Site help Indians said, but received nothing tribe


Source: OESP, National, p. A10

Site help Indians said, but received nothing tribe 
Group denounces page selling photos and videos of the Vale do Javari (AM) 

Liege Albuquerque 

The site informs be selling photos and videos with images of Indians of the Javari Valley in the far western Amazon, to "help the natives." The organization Union of Indigenous Peoples of the Javari Valley (Univaja), however, denies receiving any donation and came with representation in federal prosecutors to ban the images. 

On the site, there are pictures of people matis rituals, and Marubo Mayoruna three major ethnic groups that inhabit the area. The text states that have already raised $ 300 thousand to create projects in the villages of indigenous Vale do Javari. In one of the areas of the site, images of a ritual are offered for $ 19, plus cost of shipping. 

"There are many people who go to the village and take pictures, but we do not allow posts on websites, magazines, newspapers or even less marketing," said the director of Univaja, Eliésio Vargas, ethnicity Marubo.He said he learned of the site two weeks ago, when he received an alert on the internet with the name of the indigenous people photographed. "We do not know since when the site is in the air." 

According to Vargas, who knows all the natives of images, some remember having been photographed between 2006 and 2007 by a foreigner who has been in the villages. For Vargas, this type of exploration is easy, since access is free to the villages and there is no supervision of the National Indian Foundation (FUNAI). 

The report came in contact with Funai, but got no response. At the site, the person responsible for marketing the images is Dan James Pantone. 

Contact by email with Dan Pantone, he replied that works with indigenous entities Matsés, Amas Foundation and Matis "in Brazil and Peru." None of them exist in the country He has not responded to the authorization of Funai job market, and sell the images. 

Dan Pantone reports being director of an association, AIDESEP, Peru, maintained by the Rainforest Foundation UK. "Sales of the videos have been small and insignificant, but let me keep the site to educate people about the Indians of the Javari," he says. 


Pantone says that his contact with Marubo is Marubo Clovis. The state tried to locate him, but his phone was off. Yesterday, the report made several attempts but could not access the page. 

The Vale do Javari Indigenous Territory has 8.5 million hectares and has always attracted foreign photographers and cameramen, especially because it houses the people Korubos, contacted by FUNAI in 1996. 
Collaborated Roberto Almeida 

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