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Liam Bartlett Stephen Rice's SCAM - CAUGHT OUT

July 2012 Australian Channel 9's - 60 Minutes



liam bartlett 60 minutesLiam Bartlett knows that Dan Pantone has been denounced and expelled in February 2012

Just a few months earlier Dan Pantone is banned from entering the YAGUAS lands in Peru but does this stop Liam Bartlett and Dan Pantone going back into this same YAGUAS native territories uninvited to get his story? No! Course not. Bartlett wouldn't let a little thing like this get in the way of a good story or  “the truth”.

Liam Bartlett said. "the YAGUAS they are dirt poor, many can’t read or write. Desperately poor people, who are easily manipulated. They are known as the Jaguar People"   Liam Bartlett why are misleading the views? The Jaguar People are the MATIS in Brazil you are in Peru. Liam Bartlett has no respect for these people and he is trespassing on their lands.

Working in Peru without a journalist visa and without the consent of YAGUAS leaders to film the Indigenous community of the YAGUAS. Liam Bartlett, Stephen Rice and Dan Pantone had no legal right to be there.

60 Minutes - painted indianLaim Bartlett and Stephen Rice are misleading the viewers again.
Question:  Who paid the "Painted Indian"  to specially dressed up for this occasion?


Note1: The painted indian is NOT a member of the YAGUAS Amazon Indians.  The video footage of him was not taken on location in the YAGUAS land.  Bartlett & Rice:  This deceptive and misleading conduct and against the Journalist Ethics Code.  

Note2: this is not these people normal dress only for tourist cash for photo.

Liam Bartlett presents an Indian he called Hegnay Iscaata  who is not from the YAGUAS community.  Hegnay Iscaata" is not YAGUAS.  This is YAGUAS official response to Liam Bartlett racist claim... The Yaguas are a poor and dirty people, many of them cannot read nor write.” (60 Minutes report-Australia).   They defend this affirmation using the example of Hennay Iscaata who is a Yagua that doesn't know how to read nor write and because of this they come to the conclusion that we are ignorant, illiterate, and incapable.  To this respect we indicate that Hennay Iscaata does not pertain to the Yagua ethnic group and is not a community member of any of the communities on the banks of the Apayacu.  Because of this we reject the arrogant, prideful, abusive, irresponsible, and disrespectful manner of these people, who believe that here there are not laws, they arrive in Peru mentioning that they are going to a place forgotten by time, backwards, where there is the poorest group of people on the planet and they joke about the laws of migration.

Laim Bartlett and Stephen Rice entered Peru as tourists and this migratory quality does not permit them to work and diffuse information that is not the truth. 

Brazil MATIS Amazon IndianStephen Rice has been showing the MATIS the Jaguar people in Brazil running around like salvagers while all the time Pantone, Rice and Bartlett are in Peru.

Liam Bartlett is showing "the MATIS in Brazil" in his 60 Minutes video, while Liam Bartlett implies that these Amazon Indians are the YAGUAS, the same people who did the deal with David Nilsson - the Carbon Cowboy.  These MATIS are the same Amazon Indians that want Dan Pantone brought to justice for illicit trading of their images and videos.  see for the full story.

Liam Bartlett, with the aid of Dan Pantone and Simone Tegal (GlobalPost), has made three (3) fraudulent attempts to pass off other Amazon Indians as the YAGUAS.

60m- indians in normal everday clothes 100Fasanando Jucas Javier Luis and president of the YAGUAS.  Note is not dressed like the Painted Indian or as MATIS running around naked   The YAGUSA totally support David Nilsson and have denounce  Liam Bartlett and Stephen Rice.


Liam Bartlett states   “that the agreement to which we subscribe is illegal and questionable.” 

The YAGUAS state the agreement is totally legitimate and viable, as supported in: *The political Constitution of the state. *The Agreement 169 OIT.  *The Law Number 27037 Law of promotion of the Investment in the Amazon.  *The Law Number 26505 Private Investment in the Development of the Economic Activities in the Lands of the National Territories and of the Native and Countryside Communities.  *The Law of Forests and Wildlife Number 27308.  *The supreme Decree-014-AG-2000, the same that declares in national interest the installation of palm oil plantations with the ends of fostering alternative rural development and *The national Plan of Palm Oil.

YAGUAS:  Now were are asking Mr. David John Nilsson the compliance of the agreement and we have solicited him to initiate the territorial clean-up of our communities and execute the forestry plan in agreement with that established, the territorial clean-up will allow us to really know the territorial extension promised with the project, potentially we have spoken about 3 million acres.    

Lian Bartlett, yes David Nilsson project with YAGUAS is 3 million acres, just as he stated on your 60 Minutes episode July 2012 and you called him a "liar".   David Nilsson is trying to project the forests, unlike how you portray him.

Stephen Rice, Liam Bartlett and Dan Pantone were all in Peru with the YAGUAS people. This again this is deceptive and misleading conduct! In the several photographs above, the YAGUAS people do not look alike savages running around naked, because they "do not 60 Minutes' video footage came from Dan Pantone's illegal video collection, that Dan Pantone sells on the Internet, for which Dan Pantone has been denounced for several times in both Peru and Brazil. Liam Bartlett’s / 60 Minutes are in breach of deceptive and misleading conduct. Trafficking in illicit images of the Amazon Indian.

Dan Pantone and Liam Bartlett underestimated the intellect of the YAGUAS they were denounced Liam Bartlett, Stephen Rice and Australia Ch9's 60 Minutes to the Australian Embassy and the asked for it to be referred to the Attorney General.

The video footage on Channel 9's 60 Minutes "Carbon Cowboy" David Nilsson segment was of the MATIS in Brazilian Amazon Indians were shown running around almost naked with bow and arrows with their blow guns, was exactly the same video footage I brought from Dan Pantone in April 2011. However the immigration movement advices for Liam Bartlett and Stephen Rice show that the pair were in Peru not in Brazil - more deception, plagiarism and trickery on behalf Ch 9 Australia 60 Minutes!

How degrading was this Liam Bartlett and Stephen Rice for these indigenous Amazon Indians to be exploited like this as primitive savages? They did not deserve to be treated like this at all. They are human beings, not wild animals like 60 Minutes portrayed them to be, plus they have rights.

A former Royal Marines gentleman and officer Bruce Parry who is now a TV presenter and adventurer, known particularly for the documentary programme series Tribe and co-produced with the BBC and the Discovery Channel. When he stayed with the MATIS in 2006 - they were dressed in shirts, shorts and thongs, and same again in 2008. But in 2012 Channel 9 showed the MATIS in Brazil 2102 as naked savages.   Shame on you Liam Bartlett and Stephen Rice! 

Channel 9 showed film footage of “The MATIS “in Brazil, NOT the Peruvian Indians that they stated on camera. Plus 60 Minutes "painted Indian - Hennay Iscaata" they said that he could not read or write, was actually from of different tribe. However Liam Bartlett represented this "painted Indian - Hennay Iscaata" as a part of the Yagusa community. source letter to Australian Ambassador. In my opinion the 60 Minutes program, assisted by Dan Pantone, attack on David Nilsson to derail or kill off the Nilsson Carbon Project with the Amazon Indians who have since come out in mass to reconfirm their commitment to Nilsson and to the project.

PHOTThis photograph (left) was taken in 2010 Pantone when they were visting the Bora people just outside of Iquotis.  Nilsson has no land dealings with them or has he intended to. This how the Bora dress for the tourist so people take photos of then for cash.  It is not their normal daily

dress, it just dress up for the tourist cameras for a great photography opptunities for foreigners. Bartlell and many others have used these photographs to have you believe different.   A Barletts / 60 Minutes Scam and breach of deceptive and misleading conduct.



Nilsson with the health officer and his daughter of the Bora native community in 2010 there was an outbreak of jungle fever. Nilsson came to their aid and brought the urgent medicalsupplies; this saved many lives then set up a fund where medicals supplies could be brought on as need bases.

Back in Australia 2010 Nilsson paid for some people to go to the Bora and put on a Christmas party for the children of the village to cheer then up.

Bartlett and many others have used these photographs to have you believe different. Also Bartlett - 60 Minutes Scam and breach of deceptive and misleading conduct.










MATSES man who Nilsson was shaking hands with this man was penniless and distort as he had traveled many days and nights to bring his ill wife to Iquitos for urgent medical treatment. Nilsson had just given him some money to cover the cost of food and transport to get his sick wife to hospital. Also Bartlett - 60 Minutes Scam and breach of deceptive and misleading conduct.





This was not Nilsson girlfriend this the daughter of the Golden Star hotel in Iquitos she is a married women with a six year old daughter 60 Minutes Scam and breach of deceptive and misleading conduct.



In my opinion the 60 Minutes program, assisted by Dan Pantone, attack on David Nilsson to derail or kill off the Nilsson Carbon Project with the Amazon Indians who have since come out in mass to reconfirm their commitment to Nilsson and the project.  This project would have been one the largest such carbon projects in this world today and would have greatly benefitted the other stakeholders, the Amazon Indians.  In my opinion Dan Pantone motive was (a) Nilsson rejected Dan Pantones blackmail attempt to have 10% of the project and (b) attempt to steal Nilsson Foundation which was going to funded from  Nilsson's profits, to assist Brother Paul to support Indigenous people. There is 500,000 ha that have been approved for palm oil Nilsson was going to make this the first stage of the carbon project.


Nilsson reputation, on thousands of website worldwide, has severely and unjustly damaged, by Dan Pantone's malleolus smear campaign against Nilsson. Liam Bartlett 60 Minutes stated in the interview and their website transcript stated "we know all about Pantone".  60 Minutes Ch 9 Australia aided and abetted Dan Pantone in his conquest to defame Nilsson.  



The Amazon Indian the MATSES and the YAGUAS say they came looking for Nilsson he never promised them billions of dollars further more they say they have 3,000,000 ha and they want Nilsson to complete the mapping furthermore that they had independent legal advice and since have had their agreement with Nilsson ratified

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