Let me be very clear here, 60 Minutes wilfully and knowingly committed “Misleading & Deceptive Conduct – a breach under ACMA  "Australian Communications Media Authority” by attempting to pass off the footage of Brazilian Amazon Indians as Peruvian Amazon Indians to defame David Nilsson which in the attempt to destroy the duly signed and ratified agreement of a Carbon & Sustainable forest Management Project with the Peruvian native communities of Cuzco, Sabalillo, Boca Apayacu, and San Augusto.

The Peruvian Indians have subsequently publicly reconfirmed the project with David Nilsson "the Carbon Cowboy" since 60 Minutes had aired their beat up of David Nilsson in July 2012.The Amazon Indians have made an official complaint and denounced Liam Bartlett and Steven Rice “law degree” to the Australian Embassy in Lima and asked for the matter to be forward on to the Australia Attorney General.

The 60 minutes trumped up story has seen David Nilsson name and his dubbed name Carbon Cowboy a transcript in English and Spanish since when has Channel 9 put their transcripts into Spanish.

It is in my option this was done to destroy David Nilsson global especial in Spanish speaking countries like South America and thanks to Channel 9,  he has appeared on thousands of websites globally. Dan Pantone does not want David Nilsson to return to Peru and lay further charges against him for defamation and damages because Dan Pantone.

David Nilsson's credibility has been totally destroyed internationally he cannot approached Bankers, Fund Managers or Investors with confidence, as no one will take him seriously.  They all will be frighten to be associated with David  Nilsson, as they too could be attacked by the media and have their business ruined by Channel 9  60 Minutes with a follow up story or by other medial outlets who will piggy back on the false and misleading report by Liam Bartlett.

In my option the only avenue for the Amazons Indians in Peru, Brazil and David Nilsson is class action for damages against Dan Pantone, Liam Bartlett, Stephen Rice, and the owners of Channel 9 CVC Asian Pacific.

David Nilsson great grandmother was a full blood aboriginal.

Dan Pantone will be looking at many years in a South American Prison. This is the last place you would want to be Liam Bartlett and Stephen Rice you too could be joining Dan Pantone if the Amazon Indians get there way in Court.

Australia 8th July 2012
, Liam Bartlett said in July 2012 on 60 Minutes "WE KNOW ALL ABOUT DAN PANTONE" it is my option that Liam Bartlett and the owners of Channel 9 - 60 Minutes CVC Australia Pacific - willfully and knowingly committed 'Misleading and Deceptive Conduct - a breach under ACMA  "Australian Communications Media Authority” -  “by attempting to pass off film footage of the Brazilian Amazon Indians "THE MATIS" as Peruvian Amazon Indians. Also aiding and abetting, conspiracy and accessory after the fact to defame David Nilsson in an attempt to destroy and damage the duly signed ratified agreement of a Carbon and a Sustainable Forest Managements Project with the Peruvian.

Investors – hedge funds looking at Channel 9 Australia should be very aware of the pending class action it will run in to the millions or maybe billions in damages. This is an international scandal on a grand scale it won’t go by unnoticed.

Liam Bartlett who has an economics degree said on air "each tree holds a ton of carbon $23".  Therefore with that admission by Liam Bartlett, it won’t take long to work out the damages by calculating how many trees on 3 million hectares and then multiplying that by $23 per tree. The figure will be in the billions.  However one should also take into consideration that the project killed off, by Dan Pantone and Channel 9 Australia 60 Minutes’ is a 100 by 100 year agreement that has been ratified by the Federation of the Yagaus Towns of the Apayacu Rive "FEPYRA" and reconfirmed by Amazon Indians publically in the press.


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