YAGUAS Amazon Indians complaint to US Embassy

YAGUAS Amazon Indians Dan Pantone, Liam Bartlett,
Stephen Rice 
and 60 Minutes Channel Nine Australia
denounced by YAGUAS Amazon Indians to US Embassy 

¨The Federation of Yagua Villages of the Apayacu River - FEPYRA¨

Iquitos, 27th August 2012

Miss Rose M Linkins
Ambassador of the United States,

For your consideration,

I, Javier Fasanando Jucas of National Identity Document No. 05317320, President of the Federation of Yaguas Villages of the Apayacu River – FEPYRA, district of Amazonas, Province of Maynas, the Region of Loreto and duly inscribed in the Public Registry of Loreto with File No. 11043561 and via the present document DENOUNCE for his intromissions, the US citizen Dan James Pantone Dobbratz in matters strictly private, communal and commercial.


On the 31st of October 2011, we signed an agreement with the company Amazon Holdings Limited, represented by its general manager David John Nilsson whereby both parties agreed to actively participate in the obtaining of benefits from the commercialization of environmental services so as to obtain the funds necessary for us to develop our communities.

Dan James Pantone Dobratz, together with the N.G.O Instituto del Bien Común I.B.C. in a repeated manner, have intervened in matters strictly internal to the communities being responsible for promoting internal discontent in our organization with the objective of annulling the agreement we subscribed with the company Amazon Holdings Limited in fulfillment of our sovereign rights.

Evidence of the Intromission: 

  • That the hereby denounced Dan James Pantone Dobbratz and the Instituto del Bien Común I.B.C. are the responsible actors in a systematically negative campaign in various publications whereby we are vilified and defamed via untrue statements which were placed in the regional, national and international arenas with the intention of prejudicing the Agreement which we subscribed with the company AHL.

  • That the hereby denounced Dan James Pantone Dobbratz promoted without our authorization or consent the intervention of Steven Derick Rice, producer, and Liam Ross Bartlett, reporter, of the television program 60 Minutes of Channel 9 Australia to attempt against our rights to life, identity, equality, liberty, privacy, reputation and choice of work by disseminating that we are poor, illiterate, ignorant, dirty and incapable of determining our own economic future given our status as ¨INDIGENOUS¨ and for having signed an agreement with the company Amazon Holdings Limited. In the report (of 60 Minutes) the following malicious statements are made (by Mr Dan Pantone):

¨They trusted completely in him, and now, they have nothing¨- we voluntarily and by agreement of the communities subscribed and later ratified the Agreement - our intention being to work with the company. The truth is that before subscribing the Agreement we had NOTHING.

¨That he virtually has taken control of their natural resources, not only their carbon but also their forests and virtually everything¨ - How can he make this statement if he has never had direct access to the Agreement much less its contents. What is more the denounced person has nothing to do with any of our agreements.

¨They opened their homes to him, he slept in their houses. They trusted in him. They trusted completely in him. Now this is going to damage them permanently .¨ The only permanent damage that has been done to us was that done by the denounced man with his foreign accomplices who have placed us before the eyes of the world as a group of ¨savage ¨, ¨ignorant¨, ¨illiterate¨, ¨dirty¨ and ¨easily defrauded¨ Indians thanks to the program 60 Minutes of Channel 9 Australia.

The manner in which the matter has been treated via these types of affirmations and in the other published articles proves that this individual seeks at all times to prejudice us, and that even if he might not be the one writing the articles, we have established that he is the one responsible for all this.

We indicate that this US Citizen, nationalized Peruvian, Dan James Pantone Dobbratz has the following (judicial) record which give motive for which he should be investigated:

  1. He is accused before the Second Special Court of Maynas for crimes against personal property – fraud and for the crime against personal property – crime involving information File No. 2012–00227–0–1903-JR-PE-2

  2. He stands publicly accused by the Student Organization of Indigenous Peoples of the Peruvian Amazon who have solicited that the ombudsman investigate and expel him to the United States affirming that he sells photos of the ethnic MATSES via the web-site for which they receive no benefits.

    1. He has been the subject of investigation in Brazil for supposedly trafficking in illegal images, an activity in which he continues to engage to this date and being the activity which preoccupies the Brazilians, via the web-site and whilst this web-site continues to sell videos of the ethnic grouping the MATIS and information on the MATSES, the access to this site is blocked in Latin America. In other words, all the world can buy these videos and images except the people who live in the same country as the MATIS and the MATSES i.e. Brazilians and Peruvians. Despite the site being registered as .org in Peru no NGO figures as being registered in this name which implies that the denounced is utilizing this web-site for the purposes of fraud.

  3. He is the founder, was vice-president and maintains the actual control of the Civil Association M.A.T.S.E.S. and via this organization seeks to develop programs which benefit the ethnic group the MatSES. In addition they sell information via their web-site for the ¨benefit¨ of this ethnic group however they (the MATSES) receive NOTHING. We have been able to prove that this is a Civil Association which is not registered at this time as a validly organized NGO.

  4. Miss Ambassador, the agreement which we subscribed is totally legal and we are not going to permit that third parties tell us what we can and can´t do with our territories. These intromissions are highly insulting and prejudicial to us especially when they involve the International Press. You can take it for granted that these acts will be denounced before the Public Ministry. We live in a zone forgotten and abandoned by our local, regional and national authorities for decades. David John Nilsson is the only opportunity we have to develop our communities and we are left with NOTHING thanks be to the effort of the US citizen nationalized Peruvian, Dan James Pantone Dobbratz who has organized and openly participated in these attacks against our integrity and our human rights. Apparently everyone has the right to develop themselves except us.

It is totally absurd that us, being indigenous peoples, to develop ourselves, need to necessarily first consult with Dan James Pantone Dobbratz and his accomplices before making decisions which affect us and our future generations.

For these reasons we solicit:

  • The opening of investigations regarding the criminal acts which the accused is supposedly committing in Peru.

  • The immediate expulsion from the country of the US citizen, nationalized Peruvian, Dan James Pantone Dobbratz.

  • To investigate the NGO M.A.T.S.E.S. (Amazon Movement for Sustainable Tribes and Sustainable Economies which (whilst not actually being an N.G.O. but rather a Civil Association pretends to collect funds for the Indigenous group the MATSES but which, to this moment, after years of functioning, has not supported our brothers the Matses.

Yours sincerely,



Offical source document in Spanish signed by the YAGUAS people below:


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 embajada usa3-1




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