Union CGTP denounces Dan Pantone for Tax Avoidance, Assault, Embezzlement & Rape.

From Cacao – President of CONVEAGRO
General Confederation of Workers of Peru (CGTP)
Loreto – Sec. Adj. CGTP

To the fellow organizations of Peru and the world:

From the regional association of cacao producers of Loreto - Peru, the Regional Association of Peasant Women and Naturals of Loreto, Amazons of Llano Peru, the members of the National Convention of CONVEAGRO Peruvian Agro - Peru associated to the CGTP - PERU.

We present our concern for the way the illegal organization NGO “AMAZONIC MOVEMENT FOR TRIBES SUBSISTENT AND ECONOMICALLY SUSTAINABLE” - M.A.T.S.E.S. Behaves, regarding the conduct of its founder and Vice President, Dan James Pantone, a U.S. citizen of Monterey, California (Passport # 710821970).

In fact, this organization is not even a proper Non Governmental Organization, this is an association, and this works primarily to benefit Pantone- he controls the Web site, the information, and all financial concerns - the people he claims to represent has the minimum input, and see that no financial reward of donations intended to help them. These are serious charges, and a full report was sent to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for research and also to SUNAT, for tax avoidance and criminal misconduct. Our native brothers of the Matses tribe know little of this organization or their illegal activities, which means that the acronym MATSES is being used for personal advantage of Dan Pantone. Someone who visits the Web site is scammed about its true intentions. They must collect donations that never reach the natives. The same way that Dan Pantone tried to market his illegal National Geographic DVDs ( but when they discovered of his criminal activities, they dissolved them.

Dan Pantone runs many web sites under false pretenses, even and many others, for example:

Dr. Dan Pantone is clever about using Google and social media such as Facebook and Twitter to promote his criminal movements. it’s interesting to note, that the web host Apache, has blocked this website access in South America where he receive earning through fundraising and DVD of videos of Indian tribes and cultures (without their permission) that are made for personal gain, and not for the benefit of the Indians he claims to represent.

Also, there were formally written complaints from a former Australian CIB police officer to the regional court in Iquitos, claiming that they represent underage girls topless in a way that is inappropriate, and in fact community leaders and the town’s elders did not give written permission of represent their indigenous culture and lifestyle in this way.

Until now, Dan Pantone has been overlooked because the tribes that he claims to represent have hardly any knowledge or access to the Internet. Dan Pantone channels the benefits of Internet sales through his Paypal account in an American bank account, then back to Peru via the ATM. All this is done to avoid paying taxes here or in the U.S., and defraud the Indians.

Doctor Dan Pantone has been very misleading in the circulation of false information on the Internet. For example, he conspired with a journalist named Patrick Bodenham, who later wrote a freelance article for the Sydney Morning Herald (, which contained many mistakes of fact and misleading statements. This article was also picked up by the Fairfax Group (the Melbourne Age newspaper - - and the Brisbane Courier Mail. (

Mr Bodenham made the unfortunate mistake of spreading misleading statements without verifing the truth of the claims of Pantone, even being provided with contrary information. This has led to the pending lawsuit for libel against Bodenham as well as for entering into Peru under false pretenses. He can also answer criminal charges in Australia for placing Nilsson’s stolen identity on the Internet. In another case, Chris Lang of was without being conscious, part of the promotion of various propaganda, without verifying the truth of their sources. Also, Pantone embezzled funds by the BBC ( playing as a consultant for a documentary project on the Matis Indian tribe.

We are pleased to know that the criminal activities of Dr. Dan Pantone are finally being investigated by judicial authorities in Iquitos, for offenses of blackmail, fraud and aggravated robbery. This complaint also applies to his accomplice, an educated Matses Indian by the name of Daniel Manquid Jimenez Huaman, a bilingual teacher whose Matses ethnicity lends legitimacy to the fraudulent operations of Pantone.

We denounce the crimes committed by Dan Pantone against Sustainable Coal Resources Limited, a company established in Hong Kong, represented by Australian businessman David John Nilsson.

Another pearl of North America, Dan James Pantone, whose certificate of migratory movement is N° 034-2011-IN-1607, indicating that he was born in Peru. In another certificate, the N° 035-2011-IN-1607, his country of birth is revealed to be the U.S.

The RUC number of the NGO MATSES RUC is on record in SUNAT, 20493549082, and indicates that the organization has been suspended since 01/08/2009.

In 2010, Dan Pantone made accusations against AIDESEP and CEDIA, two NGO involved in indigenous rights, accusing them of stealing the WWF-Peru (World Wildlife Fund of Peru - and using these funds for his own private use . The CEDIA already has a file of criminal complaints against Pantone, just as far as the BBC in England.

He has also been involved with another NGO called Common Good (, who, as Pantone, are under serious scrutiny of native communities, misusing funds of the indians. These communities now demand a full audit of the financial books and personal property of this NGO, of its founders and partners.

We believe that Dr. Dan Pantone is an international danger, and we are also aware that this man has caused problems in Colombia. We have heard allegations of a Colombian girl who was beaten and even raped by him. He is also wanted by the Brazilian authorities for taking photographs illegally and selling DVDs of the Matis tribe, and we would like to see justice done before this man brings harm to someone else.

Signed by: 

Manuel Abanto Moreno                                              

Luz Isabel Manuyama

President Representative of the Association of Women Peasant Producers and Natives




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