Dr Dan James Pantone’s alleged criminal activities are about to be exposed.

I, Edward Warden, am a former plain clothes Police Officer in the Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) Brisbane Queensland Australia. I have an indigenous grandson and I will do anything in my power to protect innocence of the indigenous people worldwide.  The information on this website is available to the general public in Peru, Brazil, USA and Australia. Some of these source documents can be found readily or via Freedom of Information requests: on the Internet, in the court records, newspapers, embassies in Australia, Peru, USA, Colombia and Brazil and from Dan Pantone's various websites.  No restricted information is published on this website.

I take full responsibility for this information, except the translations by third parties. I have also put a translator on this website so that non-English speakers can access the information.  If Dan Pantone takes offense to this information, he knows my private unlisted telephone number and address in Australia, so he can contact me directly. Pantone phoned me on the 31st August and threaten myself and David Nilsson, I reported Pantone to the Federal Police.

I am publishing all this information online in one single resource (with translation available) so that the authorities in Brazil, Columbia, Peru, Australia and USA can bring Dan Pantone and his associates to justice. Dan Pantone's websites are blocked by Dan Pantone's fancy IP software blocking software from the Peruvians and citizens of Brazilian. For example via    If can not connect or blocked by Pantone's IP blocking software, we have downloaded a copy of both here for you to view: - via

This information is published in order to bring Dan Pantone and his associates to justice. Pantone has blocked the websites where he is selling the illegal videos from Peru and Brazil citizens. 


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