Pronoucement Amazon Indian Matses (Peru)

Pronoucement of the Native Communities Amazon Indians' Matses (Peru)

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The undersigned Mr. Sabino Epe Tumi Tupa, with the authorization of the General Assembly of Delegates of the Native Community Matsés to whom I represent under my condition of Chief, I publish this pronouncement on behalf of the Native Community Matsés.

1. Before the reiterated attitude of AIDESEP of lying the authorities and the public opinion in general about a public accusation referred to an alleged scam of Mr. David John Nillson, aka Carbon Cowboy, against the native community Matsés about the existence of pressures in order that the community sells its territory or carbon certificates under conditions that prejudice us, the community complies to fully deny all the affirmations made by AIDESEP related to our community for false, interested and misleading, as in any moment our community neither our leaders have received any pressure and have known any contract from Mr. David Nilsson , aka Carbon Cowboy, neither from other person that puts under risk our rights over the community and its forests, as we know our rights and our ownership has been possible thanks to our own effort and we know how to preserve and take care the heritage of our ancestors. This attitude of AIDESEP to put in ridicule our communal institution to make the public opinion believe and the authorities that we do not value our resources and that we are not capable to distinguish what favors or prejudices our interests; and, to accuse of complicity for a scam to the community to its past chief Angel Uaqui Dunu Maya, has the intention of weakening our institution and wants to appear as savers of the community before a risk that has been invented by them and we do not know their interests.

2. As AIDESEP has been developing an institutional strengthening project in our community since three years and what it has achieved is only to create bewilderment and the intention to divide our community, the general assembly of delegates has decided to request the transfer of said project to be managed by the community, with the permission of the financial entity, considering that the community counts with the necessary capacity to manage projects; if it is not possible, AIDESEP may not develop said project in our community.

3. For the aforementioned, the general assembly of delegates held last May 17, 2012, unanimously agreed to disaffiliate the native community Matsés from AIDESEP (see enclosed minutes), as it is self-defeating for the communal interests, and prohibits since this date that AIDESEP pronounces on behalf or against our community, as we count on the necessary instances to make it.

Native Community Matsés, May 19, 2012.



Sabino Epe Tumi Tupa

Chief of the Native community Matsés

DNI: 41860655

In the annex Remoyacu, which belongs to the native community Matsés, settled in the river Galvez, district of Yaquerana, Province of Requena, Loreto region, at 8:30 a.m. of May 17, 2012, an extraordinary general assembly was held of delegates called by the Chief of the community Mr. Sabino Epe Tumi Tupa, and with the assistance of 59 delegates and 29 participants, who compose the 14 annexes of the native community Matses. Buen Peru, Remoyacu, Nuevo San Juan, San Mateo, Jorge Chavez, San Jose de Añushi, Paujil, Nuevo Cashishpi, Santa Rosa, San Roque, Estiron, Buenas Lomas Nueva, Buenas Lomas Antigua and Puerto Alegre; that are the fifty per cent of the regulatory quorum and credited by their corresponding anexes according to the bylaws of the community and the internal bylaws of the anexes: which is chaired by the community chief, Mr. Sabino Epe Tumi Tupa and acting as general secretary of minutes, Mr. Wilmer Rodriquez López.

Next, after pronouncing the welcome words to the participants by the Chief of the community, expressing that this extraordinary general meeting has been called with fifteen days in advance, with the purpose to analyze the affirmations published and denounced by the interethnic association for the development of the Peruvian Forest- AIDESEP, in several communication means including the internet, in which it is affirmed that: “The native community Matsés has been about to be swindled by an alleged criminal called David John Nilson” and, “that its directives chaired by the past chief of the native community Matses Mr. Angel Uaqui Dunu Maya, intended to subscribe a contract by which he sells its territory or carbon certificates on behalf of said David John Nilson, in prejudice of the native community Matsés”, which after a serious discussion in which all the chiefs and representatives of the annex, felt surprised for said affirmations published by AIDESEP, left an evidence in this assembly, their own declarations in relation to this issue, that prejudices the good image that the native community Matses has achieved to keep along its institutional life.

The current chief of the native community Matsés, asked the chiefs who participated in the informative meeting held in the city of Iquitos with Mr. David John Nilson; to know if they have been pressured to sign a contract or other class of document, and it affirms the accusation of AIDESEP, and all the chiefs of the fourteen annexes who have participated in the informative meeting with Mr. David John Nillson, replied before the assembly flatly denying said affirmations from AIDESEP, adding that, in any moment they had and had been suggested to sign any contract or document with Mr. David John Nilson, and Mr. Angel Uaqui Dunu Maya, past chief of the community, added that it is absolutely false that Mr. David John Nilsson, aka Carbon Cowboy, has intended to press them to sign a contract or any other document and as he know the regulations of the community, the chief should subscribe only the commitments that the Assembly orders or empowers.

They have left evidence that the declarations of the chiefs of the annex, unanimously deny the so published accusation of AIDESEP related to an alleged scam that was going to be made and that “thanks to the intervention it was not made”, so the assembly unanimously agreed the following:

1. Authorizes the current chief of the native community Matsés, Mr. Sabino Epe Tumi Tupa, to send to AIDESEP, the Defense of the People, to the authorities and the public opinion in general a pronouncement denying as false all the affirmations from AIDESEP related to the alleged scam made to the native community Matsés and its authorities, making know the truth that is evidenced in this minutes.

2. To overrule AIEDESEP to pronounce in any sense by the native community Matses; as the community has its own authorities to make it, if necessary; and to authorize the chief of the community, Mr. Sabino Epe Tumi Tupa, in order that together with the pronouncement of our community, notifies AIDESEP the decision of the general assembly to definitively disaffiliate from said organization because it contravenes the interests of the community and has intended to weaken the communal organization with a series of attitudes that are against their purposes and autonomy.

3. In relation to the project that AIDESEP has been executing in the community, they authorize the chief of the community, to make the necessary coordinations with AIDESEP in order that this project is totally transferred to the community, notifying to the donor entity said transfer to continue complying with the programmed activities; otherwise to request to AIDESEP and to the donor entity the suspension of said project.

At 2:00 p.m. of the same day and having exhausted the single point of the agenda of this extraordinary assembly, the chief of the community concluded the assembly, thanking the participants for their participation and inviting them to subscribe this minutes.




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