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The Federation of the Yaguas People of Apayacu River asks David John Nilsson to continue the agreement 

Published in August 13, 2012
La Region Newspaper, Iquitos, PERU 13 Aug 2012 page 10

- They request to sanction producer Steven Derick Rice and reporter Liam Ross Bartlett of the program 60-Minutes of Australia for committing illegal acts in Peru against the human rights of the Yaguas people. 

-They ask the ombudsman to investigate the NGO Common Good Institute / IBC and Dan James Pantone Dobbratz for opposing the right to work 

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The Federation of the Yaguas People of Apayacu river, represented by its president Javier Fasanando Julcas, DENOUNCES the Australian citizens Derick Steven Rice with passport N326533, producer, and Liam Ross Bartlett with passport E4025483 Ross, reporter of the program 60-minutes of Channel 9 Australia, who arrived uninvited at the native communities of Cuzco and Sabalillo in the basin of Apayacu river in an unexpected and illegal way, led by the U.S. citizen naturalized Peruvian Dan James Pantone Dobbratz and who without our consent have spread completely false information about the agreement we signed with the company Amazon Holdings Limited represented by its president David John Nilsson.. 

They indicate that the Common Good Institute/IBC and the North American citizen nationalized Peruvian Dan James Pantone Dobbratz are the direct participants of a negative campaign against their right to life, identity, equality, freedom, reputation, secrecy, election and work and have exposed us to offenses and humiliations in the coverage by 60 Minutes of channel 9- Australia, where they mention that we are poor people, illiterate, ignorant, dirty and incapable of determining our own economic future, because of our condition of “Indigenous”. 

The problem starts because we have expelled them from the basin of Apayacu river in order to work with David John Nilsson, 

they indicate that since 10 years ago, the Common Good Institute/IBC has profited from the necessities of our communities, which during that time has only achieved to delimitate the area of Regional Conservation of Ampiyacu-Apayacu, that is, that up today we haven't received any benefit that could have allowed us to have a better quality of life. 

Dan James Pantone Dobbratz came to our communities to offer us to work with him, but we have rejected him because we had knowledge that he had always taken advantage of our Matses brothers. We're here in the city of Iquitos the whole directive board of FEPYRA and the APUS of our communities to clarify the lies disseminated by Steven Derick Rice and Liam Ross Bartlett, substantiated by Dan James Pantone Dobbratz: 

That: “They fully trusted him, and now they have nothing” (60- Minutes, Australia coverage) 

Voluntarily and by the agreement of the communities we subscribed to the agreement with the company Amazon Holdings Limited and which we subsequently reaffirmed our intention to work with the company, we are fully confident and secure that David John Nilsson is the best alternative to develop our communities, before him we had "NOTHING", said Fasanando at one part of the interview. 

“"They are putting their livelihoods, their tribes, and their rainforests on the table and you get 50% of it. Not a bad deal for (him), but not so good for them?” 

We searched for David John Nilsson as a strategic partner to develop our communities and we agreed to execute the agreement for Sustainable Handling of the Forest for the Amazonian communities consisting on sustainable exploitation of our forest resources, develop agricultural-plantation programs of oil palm and coal credits, we agree to give him 50% of the profits, which we think is fair and will also be attractive to the company and / or institution that would like to invest in coal credits. 

David John Nilsson never promised us billions of dollars and in no time he presented himself, his company and companions as representatives of the United Nations, David John Nilsson, presented himself from the beginning as a private company and all they offered us is to work together, We are aware of the possibility that the coal industry might not be profitable or viable, so we've contemplated ALL the legal options available to generate income and get our communities out of poverty, we are the owners of these territories and will do with them what's better to our convenience. 

"That the agreement we signed is illegal and questionable." 

The agreement is entirely legitimate and viable sustained by the State Constitution. * The Agreement 169 OIT. * Law No. 27037 Law on Investment Promotion in the Amazon. * Law No. 26505 Private Investment in Development of Economic Activities in the Territories of Homeland and the peasant and native communities. * The Forest and Wildlife Act 27308. * The Supreme Decree-014-AG-2000, which declares the national interest to set up plantations of oil palm in order to promote alternative rural development and * The National Plan of oil palm. 

"Giving him the effective power of the rainforest for 200 years." (60 minutes-Australia, coverage). 

The cooperation agreement will begin on the date of its signing and is valid for a period of 100 years, which is automatically extended for the same period of 100 years to maturity unless both parties express their desire not to continue, this ensures to plan ahead for many generations achieving sustainable revenue to reduce poverty and the welfare of our children and the elderly with health services, education, etc. Such closure was requested and approved by us without pressure from anyone. 

"The Yaguas are poor and dirty, many cannot read or write." (60 minutes-Australia coverage). 

They support this claim by putting as example Hennay Iscaata as a Yagua that cannot read or write so they take the conclusion that we are ignorant, illiterate and incapable. In this regard we want to point out that Hennay Iscaata does not belong to the Yagua ethnicity nor is a commoner in any of the communities in the Basin of Apayacu River. Therefore we reject the so arrogant, proud, abusive, irresponsible and disrespectful way of these people, they believe that there are no laws here, they come to Peru mentioning that they are reaching a place forgotten in time, back warded, where the world's poorest people are and they mock migration laws since they entered Peru as tourists and in such immigration status they're not allowed to work and disseminate information that is not true. This is penalized. 

So we are surprised that the authorities are aware of these issues and remain so passible and contemplational about the accusations against David John Nilsson by the Common Good Institute / IBC, Dan James Pantone Dobbratz, Aidesep, Simeon Tegel, Patrick Bodenhan, Steven Derick Rice, Liam Ross Bartlett, Silvia Usuriaga, Daniel Manquid Jimenez Huaman Angel Yaicate Murayari, Zoila Merino Roque who is a scammer, manipulative, opportunist and a liar, we believe it is an issue that must be vented by legal means, what we can say is that so far none of these characters that have partnered to commit wrongdoings, have no legal proof issued by a court of law where supposedly Nilsson committed any fraud or criminal act. 

Now we are asking Mr. David John Nilsson the compliance of the agreement and we have asked him, to begin the territorial reorganization of our communities and implement the forest management plan according to the provisions, the territorial reorganization will really allow us to know the territorial extension committed to the project, Potentially we are talking about 3 million hectares, said the official who is in our city with a group of villagers, asking an appointment with the regional President (Luis Luna Paredes). 


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