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La Region News Iquitos.

Stand complaint with the U.S. Embassy and Australia by the intrusion of foreign citizens Dobbratz Dan James Pantone, Derick Steven Ross Rice and Liam Bartlett in their territories.

The Federation of the Peoples of the Rio Yaguas Apayacu-FEPYRA, filed complaints with the embassy of the United States and Australia for the intrusion of foreigners Dobbratz Dan James Pantone, Derick Steven Rice, Liam Ross Bartlett with intent to hinder implementation of the agreement they signed with the company Amazon Javier Holdings Limited reported Fasanando Julca FEPYRA president.

He said the agreement is private, legal and sovereign, these foreigners promoted a television report called 60 minutes from Channel 9 Australia violating our rights, to have a offensive and humiliating to our ethnicity to say that we are a group of savage Indians, illiterate, dirty, and easily deceived and thus being unable to determine our own future.

He said that on August 30 will develop the V Congress of the Federation only to make the agreement for referral to the public prosecutor. For the same reasons we expelled from our country to the NGO Institute IBC common good, and for refusing to give us much information received by the creation of the Regional Conservation Area (in our territories), in what and / or how invested these benefits for our communities.

On 21 November 2011, we asked the ombudsman to support us in the search for this information, but to date we have had no response. On 3 November 2011, to denounce this fact but incredibly Regional Government is not interested in the difficulties we are going through this NGO.

Also we should note that we have banned the entry of the basin PROCREL Apayacu for having abandoned the Regional Conservation Area and also because they have received financial resources for implementation and have not done so, now they want our firm again, to get this funding and we are unwilling to do so because they want to continue to be a matter of trickery ended.


    Leaders natives of the basin of the River Apayacu in the front of the GOREL.
                    The Regional Government of Loreto (GOREL)



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