YAGUAS Amazon Indians Official Record



The native communities of Cuzco, Sabalillo, BOCA Apayacu, members of the Federationof the Yaguas People from Apayacu River through the present document state the following:

First. - That, on the day June, 01, 2012 between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., the North American citizen nationalized Peruvian Dan James Pantone Dobbratz, Barlett Liam Ross, Steven Derick Rice, Daniel Manquid Jiménez Huaman, arrived to the communities of Cuzco, Sabalillo, San Augusto, Boca Apayacu, with the intension of creating a general assembly in order to gather information about the agreement we held with the company Amazon Holdings Limited.  Such intention was rejected for each one of the communities previously mentioned.

Second. - That, the North American citizen nationalized Peruvian Dann James Pantone Dobbratz, Barlett Liam Ross, Steven Derick, Daniel Manquid Jiménez Huaman, at no time indicated what their purpose was, who they were, they arrived in an improvised way and when denied the intention of creating a general assembly, tried to make us sign a complaint against David John Nilsson President of the enterprise Amazon Holdings Limited.

Third. - That, the North American Citizen, indicated that David John Nilsson was a scammer and that wanted to exploit all of our forests that signed and ratified the Agreement with the enterprise Amazon Holdings Limited represented by David John Nilsson. For these reasons us leaders from the Yagua communities from Apayacu River formally, present our discontent against the actions of the Australian citizens previously mentioned, for entering our territory without permission pretending to be protecting us from ourselves this is insulting not only on a personal level but on an ethnic level, let me remind you that we lived the Spanish conquer 500 years ago. Today white men continue looking for reasons to tell us what we can do and how to do it. This absurd judgment is no longer practiced in our territories. This interference about entering our ancestral territories without invitation and by the reasons previously mentioned, have forced us to bring a complaint by right before your office and to the General-Prosecutor of Australia (Attorney General) demanding:

  • A public apology to all the affected and harmed by Channel 9 television of Australia, by the affected and harmed ones we are referring to our Ethnic group and John Nilsson for the harmful affirmations, false, and incorrect that you've done, creating so many obstacles in our attempts to work.
  • A public apology for having entered our territory without our consent, misleading the public by using the term "painted Indian" "hennay Iscaata" as if it represented our ethnic group or our will as people.
  • A compensation for the damages and prejudices that you've caused to our ethnic group, to the covenant and to David John Nilsson.


Legal Base:
*Regulation *Political Constitution of the State *Covenant 169 OIT *Law of Promotion of Private Investment *Law of Private Investment in the Development of Economic Activities in the Lands of the National Territory and of the Peasant and Native Communities *Forestall Law of Wild Fauna N. 27308 *Supreme Decree 014-AG-2000 *National Plan of Palma Aceitera.

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