YAGUAS Amazon Indians denounce IBC & PROCREL ONGs




The federation of the Yaguas People from Apayacu River, in the face of great problems of backwardness of our people and before the abused caused by the ONG IBC, ONG PROCREL, Advocacy of the People, the Regional Government of Loreto and other public and private institutions, we issue the following Declaration:

First. - That on the days 16, 17, 18 of the month of February of the year 2012 took place the Third Congress of the Federation composed by the native communities of Cuzco, Sabalillo, Yanayacu, Boca Apayacu and San Augusto, where it was agreed to initiate a platform of struggle against the ONG Institute of Common Good (ONG IBC) and the ONG PROCREL to defend our rights and territories.

Second. - We denounce the ONG Institute of Common Good (ONG I.B.C) and ONG PROCREL for having created the area of national conservation without our consent and that 10 years ago they proposed to us to create an area of communal conservation with the deceit that we were going to benefit from projects of development, projects that so far haven't become reality, projects that don't exist.

Third. - By this area of regional conservation, since its creation the ONG Institute of Common Good I.B.C. and the ONG PROCREL have benefited economically, that is, the Institute of Common Good and PROCREL, receive economical benefits for managing our territory without being owners, throwing our communities into the most brutal poverty, that is, they only care about getting economical benefits in our name.

Fourth. - we have denounced this abuse before the regional government of Loreto and the advocacy of the people, public institutions that have ignored us because so far we don't have any favorable result in the defense of our rights. For apparently they are colluded with this Institution of Common Good (ONG I.B.C.)

Fifth.- That is why we totally repudiate the abusive attitude of the regional government, advocacy of the people, environmental network, ONG Institute of Common Good (I.B.C) and ONG PROCREL, whom colluded with the North American citizen - Peruvian Dan James Pantone, have been enriching themselves at the expense of some supposed help to the Indigenous people, notwithstanding that they are trafficking with our Matis Indigenes (Brazilian) and Matses (Peruvian) haven't denounced such illegal activities and on the contraire they protect their acts of serious violation of human rights of our brothers, it is for such reasons that we have decided irrevocably:

1. Expel the ONG Institute of Common Good (ONG I.B.C.) of our territories and disavow the activities of ONG PROCREL for being intimately linked.

2. Suspend all direct or indirect coordination with the (ONG Institute of Common Good (ONG I.B.C.) and ONG PROCREL.

3. Interpose a complaint against the ONG Institute of Common Good (ONG I.B.C.) and ONG PROCREL for the damages and prejudices they have created.

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