Dan Pantone's Alledged Illegal Activities

This list is not cmplete as more is still arriving ....
  • 2008 - Statement from FLORES Amazon Indian girl - Dan Pantone steals & bruttaly bashed her & robs five tourists
  • 2008 - Police report by FLORES Amazon Indian girl against Dan Pantone
  • Dan Pantone's Multiple IDs  - born in Peru & USA
  • Pantone's fraudulent Authorities, that grants Pantone the right to sell Matis Brazil Amazon Indian images.
  • 5th May 2011 - Sunarp exposes Dan Pantone has no NGO, only an Association
  • 2011 - National Trade Union (CGTP) of Peru affiliated with the World federation of Trade Unions.  CGTP supports Matses denouncement of Dan Pantone for various Criminal Activities
  • 2nd Feb 2012 - David Nilsson v's Dan Pantone legal action Peruvian Penal Code Article 196 Fraud penalty of up to six year jail, and Article 207-A  Information Offense - penalty of up to six year jail
  • Peru Court restricts Dan Pantone's movements under Peru Penal code Artilce 207
  • Paypal advised to check into Dan Patones alledged money laundry from proceeds from non profit NGO and illicit trafficking of Amazon images & videos.  English # ??


USA 2011 Passport Number 710821970
Last known US address is 1980 Saturn St., Monterey Park, CA
Clickhere for Peruvian ID

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