Peru Journalist visa Requirements

Journalist Visa Requirements

It is very important that before launching an application for a journalist visa make sure that you have
the permits and the necessary information of the place where the film will carried out in Peru.


  1. Fill in the Application Forms for all crew.
  2. Passports of all the crew members
  3. Letter from the company where the applicant works, stating employment is also required. This letter must be signed by one person responsible for crew members.
  4. A List of All Equipment taken to Peru. This list must contain the price or market value of each equipment in Australian dollars and the equivalent in American dollars. This document must also be signed by one of the crew members. See table below.
  5. Flight Itinerary of each passenger specifying dates of arrival and departure from Peru.
  6. One Express post next day envelope with the address of return.

Cost: Free.

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