Liam Bartlett Immigration Movement Advise

I hold a certified Spanish copy of Mr Liam Barlett Migration Movement Advice.

Mr  Liam Bartlett arrives in Peru from Chile as a TOURIST and works illegally in Peru for 21 days Ch 9 Australia 60 Minutes.

Then Mr Laim Bartlett departs Peru for USA as a Journalist, as he and his occupation is well known to the US authorities.

This is a offense under Peruvian Immigration Law for any Journalist working in Peru without the correct Visa.

Did Liam Bartlett do any work in Peru as a journalist without the correct Visa?

Why did Liam Bartlett enter Peru as a Tourist when he specifically came to Peru as a 60 Minutes Journalist to do the Carbon Cowboy David Nilsson segment.



The head of the Office of Migration and Naturalization of Iquitos who subscribes to the request of Gerardo Luis ARRIETA PASTRANA.


The following person indicated by the requested name DOES NOT REGISTER A MIGRATORY MOVEMENT:

                Bartlett LIAM ROSS.

                However when performing the consultation in the SIM-RCM of the person named Bartlett LIAM ROSS, with passport N° E4025483 DOES REGISTER MIGRATORY MOVEMENT.

Requested Name                                          LIAM ROSS, Bartlett.

Requested with Passport                             BARTLETT, Liam Ross.

Country of Birth                                              Does not specify

Nationality                                                      Australian

Country of Residency                                     Does not specify

Type of Document                                          Passport

N° of Document                                             E4025483

Birthday                                                        06/30/1961

Gender                                                          Male

Civil Status                                                    Does not specify

T.MOV                       Date                    Cal.Mig.   Dependen     Origin/Dest.                        T/DOC         N°Doc.        D.P.

DEPARTURE    05/04/2012              Tourist       A I J CH                CHILE           PASSPORT     e4025483       0

ENTRANCE      04/25/2012            Journalist     A I J CH                 USA           PASSPORT       e4025483       30


                Partial information verified in the Computer Center SIM DIGEMIN IQUITOS by the IM Rosaura Noemi GARCIA SIFUENTE DE TERRY updated information of the JM -Iquitos to 08/05/2012 of the PCF Santa Rosa to 07/15/2012 and PCF Cabo Pantoja to 07/18/2012

                The following Certificate is issued by the request of the interested party for the corresponding ends.

                                                                                                Iquitos, August 07, 2012


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