Dan Pantone's authority to sell video

Is has already been proven by a US Forensic Handwriting expert that the signature on the said Image and Video Authority is Dan Pantone own handwriting.  There the Image and Video Authority is invalid and Dan Pantone as allegely ommitted fraud.

Note that copyright is in Dan Pantone own name and not in the non profit association or NGO as Pantone states.   This Copyright is now also invalid as it relies on an aleged fraudent Image and Video Authority.    Also the said person signing that Image and Video Authority, alone has not go the authority to sign or make any agreement regarding this matter without the Federation of Amazon Peoples all agreeing to the said Image and Video Authority.  Again this makes this Image and Video Authority invalid.

Unlike in Peru, Brazilian Amazon Indians must have the prior approval of the State, as under law they are deeemed to be children,  to sign that Image and Video Authority.  The Image and Video Authority states that the Matsis (Brazil) has signed this Image and Video Authority.  This allow again invalidates this Image and Video Authority, as before mentioned, the Brazilian Amazon have not legal right to sign such an agreement in there own right.    

Dan Pantone has also vilated their indegious rights!

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