By Náferson Cruz - In Time

Bribery offense, humiliation sessions and even a plot to kill Angel Uaqui Maya, president of the Movement Amazon Tribal Subsistence and Economic Sustainability (Matsés) or Mayoruna in Brazil are some of the criminal acts allegedly committed by foreigners in the Indigenous Valley Javari (TIVJ) in the Tri-Border region (Brazil-Colombia-Peru). 
Complaints by indigenous representatives formalized the upper Amazon, the TIME that had access, are in a dossier which was delivered on Wednesday (15) at the headquarters of the Department of Amazonas Federal Police (DPF-AM) in Manaus . 
In the document, the name of the American Dan James Pantone, which presents itself as a Ph.D. researcher - accused of having created a website to sell videos of the Matis Indians of the Javari Valley - appears as suspected of masterminding the death of indigenous Angel Uaqui. 
The assault on the lives of indigenous occurred in March last year, in Iquitos, Peru.Angel was in a car when he was intercepted by two men on a motorcycle. The duo made several shots, but he was unhurt. The case is investigated by Peruvian police. 
According to the Indian leader Eliésio Marúbo, Angel confided to him during meeting between indigenous peoples on both sides of the border, in the community Lobo in Vale do Javari, Dan James Pantone, naturalized Peruvian, it would be Canadian and non-US U.S.. 
The indigenous have said also that the suspect would benefit from his death, who was then vice president of Matsés. At the same time, the movement led by indigenous Mayoruna was awarded a grant of $ 300,000 from the Canadian entity Rainforest Foundation (Forest). 
The money would go to a support project for the 'Mission Relief to Natives of the Amazon'. 
Accused of misusing the image of the Matis Indians of the Javari Valley, in the upper Amazon, the researcher Dan James Pantone arrived to present an authorization letter with information on his role in the indigenous area and as a father of a son indigenous.He said he was from Peru. 
Dan Pantone said he also works with other agencies, including the National Organization of the Amazon Indigenous People of Peru (AIDESEP). For the sale of videos with images of Indians, he claims to have obtained the consent of the head of the Matis, Binan Tucum and people. 
In his defense, Dan Pantone claims that the pictures were made on the Peruvian side. But the Indian leader Busche Matis said the photos were taken on the Brazilian side, and even though it was forbidden to set foot on Brazilian soil, Dan was in the village in December 2011, and tried to bribe Bushe, with $30,000 for support the content of the letter.