Dan Pantone illegal trade in images

Dan Pantone Illegal trade in images in Brazil

23/02/2010  Author: Elaíze Farias

Source: The Critic (AM) - site, which says it has raised $ 300,000 in grants for credit:

Photos and videos with images of Indians of the Javari Valley, in the Municipality of North Watchtower, are being sold on a U.S. website with the justification that the bandage is to "sustain the mission to help the natives of the Amazon." The site is 

Indigenous leaders say the region unaware of this alleged help and accuse the U.S. researcher Dan James Pantone be the author of images and marketing initiative. Pantone's name appears on the site. According to information found on other sites, Pantone is a U.S. ecologist with a doctorate from the University of California. 

In address no information that the entity Pantone raised $ 300,000 "in subsidies to the natives." The site also offers a "special offer for February 2010." Whoever buys "five videos will save U.S. $ 20." 

The indigenous Eliésio Marubo Union of Indigenous Peoples of the Vale do Javari (Univaja), promised to get a representation in the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) to enter this action to the organs indigenous to curb this trade. Eliésio, which is in Manaus, said that as of Tuesday will ask for support from the political class and society for trade to be stopped immediately. 

"This investigator is entitled Phd and is raising funds to help Indians saying. But that is unfounded. Nobody knows who this man is," said Marubo. 

The image of the indigenous and the risk of worldwide marketing, especially via the Internet, is an ancient concern of leaders. As Eliésio, access of people say researchers indigenous lands is very easy in the Javari Valley because there is no oversight by the National Indian Foundation (FUNAI) and conveniadas NGOs providing services in the area. "Many scholars graduates are led to do their doctorates and masters degrees there. They travel, experts say they are Indians, but we never know exactly what they do," said Eliésio. 

The coordinator of FUNAI in North Watchtower, Herodotus Jean de Sales, said he was unaware of the trade of the images, but that would communicate the situation to the chairmanship of the board. As Sales, this type of trade is illegal and criminal. "I'm going to contact Brasilia. What you can do is investigate this story with support from the Federal Police," said Sales. 

The press office of FUNAI reported that the complaint was forwarded to industry studies and research agency for investigation, which will look to see if the display and sale of images on the site are allowed.

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