Dan Pantone alleged criminal activities against Amazon Indians in Peru and Brazil - rape, murder, embezzlement, blackmail, fraud, illicit trafficking videos.  Amazon Indian woman believes Gods saved her from psychopath killer Dan Pantone.

This website is dedicated to telling the truth about Dr. Dan Pantone. Dr. Dan Pantone has portrayed himself as an environmentalist, a law-abiding citizen, and as an intellectual looking out for the best interests of the Amazon Indian people. The real Dr. Dan Pantone couldn't be further from that façade. This man specializes in fraud. His weapons of choice are bribery, violence, and the Internet.
Dan Pantone’s most recent fraud involves the MATSES tribe of Peru, as he attempted to take control of a carbon initiatives project from the native people and the carbon project’s founder Mr. David John Nilsson. Dr. Dan Pantone has lied, stolen and bribed in his attempts to take control. He has recently appeared on Channel 9’s 60 Minutes in a program critical of Mr. Nilsson. Pantone gives false information and provides footage of a tribe in a completely different country, attempting to pass-off a MATIS Brazilian tribe in ceremonial attire as the Peruvian MATSES. Dr. Dan Pantone had been banned from the land where he was filmed in the local Amazon Indian Yaguas Tribe in Feb 2012, just two months before Dan Pantone and Liam Bartlett and Stephen Rice from 60 Minutes Australian trespass upon YAGUAS land.
This website outlines and fully documents the criminal activities and nefarious actions Dr. Dan Pantone has undertaken with regards to the MATSES people and Mr. David Nilsson. Dr. Dan Pantone has already been denounced by the indigenous Amazon Tribe of Indians three times for trafficking in illegal videos and images  for which Dan Pantone has no legal copyright.  Laim Bartlett and Stephen Rice from Channel 9 Australia 60 Minutes in April 2012 knowingly used Dan Pantone's illegal footage, as Liam Bartlett stated "We know all about Dan Pantone.Dan Pantone was charged back in Feb 2012 for fraud and stealing and he is facing up to eight years imprisonment in a Peruvian jail for these crimes.  Whilst Liam Bartlett and Stephen Rice from 60 Minutes were in Peru with Pantone, illegally trespassing on YAGUAS land, Dan Pantone was on house detention - Court Orders until the hearing.
Everything stated on this website has supporting documentation to prove each and every statement made by myself.  My hosting provider has been harassed by Dan Pantone.  My hosting provider has requested me to withdraw some of this supporting documentation e.g.  Dan Pantone's contact information and some government documents all of which is all on the public record anyway and is readily available to anyone by request.  
If you required such supporting document, please contact me via comments section at bottom of each page on this website, thank you. Maybe you would like just to leave your comment about a particular article on this website too, then click on the comments icon and leave your comments.
If you have any additional information missing from this website regarding Dr. Dan James Pantone, please contact me via my feedback form on this website. I believe what Dan Pantone is doing is modern day genocide of indigenous Amazon Tribes of Peru and Brazil.
Copies of these documents have already been sent to the USA and Australia Embassies, plus the authorities in Peru and Brazil. 

Edward Warden 

I'm a retired police officer from the Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) in Brisbane, Australia, who Dan Pantone has scammed and personally threaten. This matter was reported to the Australian Federal Police.


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