God saves Amazon Indian from psychopath killer Dan Pantone

In 2008, in Leticia Columba, Pantone befriended a young virgin Amazon indigenous girl called Flores (Nelsa Criollo Flores) who had been saving herself for the man she was going to marry. Flores has dual citizenship Peruvian and Columbian she lived with her parents in a village on the Amazon River boarder of Peru and Colombia.

Her parents were distrusting of Pantone, but he was very convincing and promised them that he would marry her, if she went with him to Iquitos Peru. Flores left the safety of the family home and village and put entire her trust into Pantone. She took everything she owned: life savings of $300 cash and $1,500 in gold jewellery, her passport and her identity documents.

Arriving in Iquitos Pantone told her that he was going to stay with his pre-existing Peruvian wife who is mid-wife at the Iquitos hospital. Flores accused Pantone of tricking her in giving him her virginity and felt that Pantone had raped her with his lies which would bring great shame on her and her family.

Pantone never told Flores that he was married until he had his way with Flores in Iquitos Peru. Pantone then goes home to his Peruvian wife and son.

Flores met a local tourist guide Mr Cabrea. He told her that the Federal Police were looking for Pantone.

Flores was trapped in big city of Iquitos with 300,000 people. This was a stark difference to the quite friendly native village on the Amazon River, which was her birth place and family home. Flores was worried sick about herself and being associated with Pantone who was a wanted by the Federal Police. She went to the Federal police and told the Police where they could find Pantone.

The Police told her that Pantone was an American; he would meet tourists in Iquitos who could not speak Spanish or Portuguese. They would hire him as their guide because Pantone spoke English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Pantone would take them into the jungle in Peru, Colombia and Brazil. There he would rob them. One such group of five white people became victims of Pantone. He stole $ 5,000 dollars from then. Pantone did not work alone, as he had other three people helping him to steal from the tourists. If they did not hand over their money he would threaten to kill them.

Once Pantone had their valuables and equipment, Patone would run away and leave them abandoned in the Amazon jungle to fend for themselves. The Amazon jungle is a very dangerous place to be without a guide as it is full of snakes, jaguars, and mosquitoes carrying many tropical diseases including malaria and dengue fever. The Amazon River is full of piranha, crocodiles and the water is not safe to drink.

Flores became very sick with fear and shame that she had brought on herself and family and felt betrayed for trusting Pantone. Flores stopped eating and several days later she end up in hospital.

Pantone found out where she was and pick her up in taxi with other men they took her to a quiet place. He brutally attacked bashed her, and gave her bag to the other men with her $300 dollars, $1,500 dollars of jewellery and both her sets of her citizenship and ID documents. Flores ran away from Pantone bleeding, in pain and fearful that the other men were going to rape and kill her.

Flores was badly beaten, bruised and left destitute by Pantone. She had no money, nowhere to live and no travel documents. Gerald Mayeaux the ex-Warden for the US Embassy and his wife Pamela from the Yellow Rose of Texas - Restaurant and Bar in Iquitos took Flores in and cared for her until she was well enough to travel back to her people in Columbia.

We have been told by a US citizen living in Iquitos at time when the police were looking for Pantone. Apparently Pantone had cut off all his hair and moustache to hide in the slums of Lima until Flores and the tourists return to their homes to avoid being arrested.

The Police cannot do anything without Flores and she has not got the money to return to Iquitos. The same for the tourists, as they too, had to return to Iquitos so Pantone can be charged. To get Pantone in to Court it could take 12 to 18 months and these people do not have the resources or the time, as they are hardworking people.

This is how Pantone gets away with his criminal actives.

Flores has made an official Police complain to the Peruvian Police, Bralizian Police and Colombia Police in Leticia. She will have him arrest if he returns.  I have her Police Complaint, a copy of her medical report and the names of the other five tourists that Pantone robbed.

Flores has been very brave, forthcoming and she also has had had her statement recorded on video with a Lawyer. This article has been taken from Flores video and talking to locals in Iquitos and the lawyer who interviewed her. I have a certified copy of Flores transcript taken from the video copy of the Police report she filed, plus the video clip. I do not take any responsibility for the translation from Spanish to English from the video it was done by a third party.

I, Edward Warden do not take and responibiity for the translation from Spanish to English.  However I do have a certified copy of the orginal  Spanish complaints.   In due course I will putting up Flores' two video testimonials.

Video 1 (5:49)
Last name Flores, I am of Peruvian citizenship, I am here living, I didn´t have the opportunity of having this.

I am, it´s been 6 years....except I´m wrong....that..., Mr a very dangerous man. The man for me to conquer, I...was a young virgin child, and he said that he was going to marry me, but for the age of that I was very distrustful of that man, but happily I made a mistake, and what´s more after that my fathers, my mother’s became mistrustful as much of me with him he turned us in.

And when I was living in the divine hotel boy, already like...ten days with him, the man came from Transtour, Mr. Cabrera, and happily he doesn´t still exist, he´s dead, he told me that Mr. Pantone is being searched for by the Federal police, I got very worried and I went to the Federal police to tell what Mr. Pantone´s motive was, I spoke with the delegate from the Federal police and they told me that he had stolen 5,000 dollars from tourist, and he...I have all the names of the tourists from whom he stole the 5,000 dollars. After he stole, he tricked the tourists that he met at all the Amazons, that he was getting to know Iquitos, Colombia and Brazil, and he brought them to a town of Brazil that it named after the Yavarí River, there was where he was victims the white people, he was abandoned, he was robbed all the money that they have; he only not is alone he has like three people that are helping to steal and making kill people, absurd things that they shouldn´t take place that in Peru, because that man its not Peruvian!, that man is foreign, he is American, yes! American to that they gave him this, more not thief as Pantone, um.

In addition to this also after he told me that he was going to marry me, he lied to me so much that, he brought me to Iquitos, I had to....jewellery, gold, money, all my complete passports, mine. He told me that he was going to go where a lady---, where his wife, I he said you tricked me this way? me? And he said no, no, no don´t worry, in case I was without eating since seven at night and without anything.

And after I left the hospital that ….?a stomach, it gave me such strong nervous gastritis and he told him and a taxi driver came and told the man bring me to a silent place where there isn´t anyone around, the man told Mr. Pantone yes, it´s soon we´ll go and we´ll bring.

And I went with them to a silent place where there was a tree and there was only a tree and you kill there were no more people, where Mr. Pantone attacked me and he took my bag where there was three hundred dollars, 1,500 invested only in jewellery, because the jewellery that bought in Colombia, I am also based in Colombia I have a completely perfect document as a Colombian citizen...Peruvian lives in Colombia on the border; then he brought me to a silent place and he attacked me for the bag and gave it to the man, and the man, what he did---he ran with my bag. Pantone ran on one side and I ran on the other side, more with fear because I was more afraid that they rape me---more the three. I was raped by Dan, by his lies, and by his tricks and with all my things stolen by him—that night.

It was very painful I didn´t have a place to eat, or family, I didn´t know anybody. I suffered a lot there, a lot in Peru, even being in my country, the tears, yes the tears would be blood, I was going to cry blood, but I only withstood all the pain. Me, what did I do,, because I didn´t know who to ask, I told the police—Mr Police...I made the complaint about abuse, about the robbery, about mistreatment. When I went there, he has registered me, and Mr Pantone stole from me, he stole the written from the police, from the police that stays in Morona Cocha, and the police that was on guard he told me that, the day that we find Pantone I am here to serve him with my best testimony.

Sirs of authority, be very careful with this man, this man has taken over some media, propaganda on television, saying that he knows the indigenous towns, he is asking for money from the United States, so that they give him silver and deposit it in his back account, if you wish to know more information, look for his name by means of any internet, you are going to find this many, he is very dangerous—he is dangerous, he should not be living in Peru, because he is living to steal and to continue mistreating the white people that come, that don´t know how to speak Spanish, that don´t know how to even speak Portuguese, they only know how to speak their English. So I ask for this, please authorities, bring him to justice.

He already has a complaint in Punchana from me, he has another, I didn´t make that one because really he didn´t have conditions, this is why I didn´t converse...until the last, until-until to raping that thief that is on the loose there in Peru. I need justice for that many. He is American, they come to abuse the Peruvians, he comes to rob the Peruvians, he comes to steal from other foreigners, on the coasts Peruvians we don´t accept ourselves, we want justice because he is threatening the whole world.

That is what I ask for of the justice of Peru.

Video 2 (3:38)

I went to the Federal police and spoke with the delegate from the Federal police, and that picture of Mr. Pantone was there on the door, it said: “Wanted: Fake tour guide,” telephone number of the Federal police, he is being searched for. He is being looked for by the Federal police; and the Federal police said that he has stolen 5,000 dollars from tourists and the Civil police from there—from Brazil also were already on food looking on all of the streets with the picture of him, because he also threatened to kill the tourists that he brought and it´s not known how many tourists already passed through his hands, because we don´t know really how many tourists were already passed through the hands of this man.

That man is a psychopath, that man, he kills and destroys. He even killed me, it´s because God didn´t allow it, that now justice is coming, and I want you to be very careful. Peru shouldn´t accept a man...that is being looked for by the Federal police. He hid in Colombia, Colombia...? Didn´t know, but in Colombia I already did the requirement of what he did to me in Peru, um. So I ask please, authorities of Peru, that man is robbing tourists, he is killing tourists, I have the names of five tourists, mm. He has stolen 5,000 dollars. He is not in Peru only because he wanted to have---mm, a permanency, he is there to steal from all the tourists that he finds, if it´s possible until, until the ….., until I as a Peruvian, I was his victim. Everything was stolen by his hands, that which the times that I worked, the man robbed me of everything. That man..·should not be in Peru,” that man should be behind bars, he would be imprisoned to see how many of them, really already finished killing tourists, and here in the Federal police he is really being looked for, as a thief and for stealing the 5,000 dollars.

The tourists up until right now look for that man and they don´t find him and they don´t know where he lives, but I believe that one day justice will come for him, because each day comes the end of thieves, of the cheats that you trick for, for everything for money, on the Internet, putting pages, saying that he knows a town, there the white people are his victims, they are robbed by him, I didn´t know about that that he did, but the last he knew the whole truth and I what I am saying I´m telling the truth, I am not telling any lies. He knows it, he knows what he says, and I am aware of him, he deserves to be behind bars in jail. Because he, I don´t think that he can be stealing more here in Peru, I ask for justice for that man, not only for me, not for the five tourists that were his victims.

I have numbers of all of their complete names; I hope that one day they also get justice for that man, because of this I leave an account for the authorities.

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