Amazon Indians YAGUAS complaint to Australian Embassy

 Amazon Indians YAGUAS complaint to Australian Embassy
denouncing Channel 9 Australia - 60 Minutes,
Stephen Rice,Liam Bartlett and Dan Pantone

Human Rights abuse, Trespass, Act of Aggression,
Illegal Entry into Peru, Defamation,
Demands Apology and seeks Damages. 



Iquitos, 20th August 2012

To the Australian Ambassador in Lima.
The Honourable  Mr John Woods

Dear Sir,

Javier Fasanado Julcas, with identity document number 05317320. President of the Federation of Yaguas ViIlages of the Apayacu River, District of Amazonas, Region of Loreto, duly inscribed in the Public Registry of Loreto with File Number 11043561 and via the present document hereby present our COMPLAINT for the intromission of the Australian citizens STEVEN DERICK RICE Passport No. 3265331 and of LIAM ROSS, BARTLETT Passport No., in matters strictly PRIVATE, being those acts both illegal and prejudicial to our interests

In the month of April of this year a journalistic team from the television program 60 Minutes of Channel 9 Australia without our authorization, entered into our territory with the intention of gathering information regarding the corporate activities of the Australia citizen David John Nilsson, that being the Agreement for Sustainable Forest Management for Amazon Communities, an agreement signed on the 31st of October, 2011 with the company Amazon Holdings Limited of our own free will and with the consent of the native communities of Sabalillo, Boca Apayacu and San Augusto, members of our Federation, as an alternative for our (developmental) requirements and necessities.

The contents of the 60 Minutes report transmitted by Channel 9 of Australia constitutes an act of aggression against our sovereign rights and goes against our desire to get out of the extreme poverty in which we find ourselves.

The Australian citizens Steven Derick, Rice – Producer, and Liam Ross Bartlett – reporter for the television program 60 Minutes of Australia acted in concert with the American citizen, nationalized Peruvian, Dan James Pantone Dobbratz and other parties to conspire and invent a story indicating that the Agreement subscribed to was ¨illegal¨ because we are intellectually incapable people (illiterate) who know not how to read or write and that our communities were in disagreement and discontent because of the subscription and contents of the Agreement as well as there being significant discontent within the communities themselves.

Whilst it may be true that they have identified ¨some¨ people against it (as a matter of fact they identified one) by no means does this mean that the Agreement is invalid. As a matter of fact if the Agreement did not have overwhelming support for it then it would have been impossible to ratify it.


FIRST: That the producer Steven Derick Rice, with a migratory status of tourist and Liam Bartlett with a migratory status of journalist, entered our lands without authorization to carry out their investigations in the form of images and recordings which depict our ethnic group in an partial, offensive and humiliating manner for having subscribed an Agreement with the company Amazon Holdings Limited.

SECOND: That the contents of the investigations carried out by the producer Steven Derick Rice and the reporter Liam Bartlett violate our fundamental rights to self-determination, freedom of opinion, expression and the diffusion of our thoughts by presenting us as a backward, illiterate, dirty and desperate people incapable of developing ourselves economically and living in a place ¨forgotten in time¨(considering it as amongst the poorest on the planet) when it refers to Peru and Iquitos as a ¨wild-west¨ type city where laws do not exist.

THIRD:The report also explicitly affirms that we are: ¨savages¨, ¨ignorant¨, illiterate and ¨easily taken advantage of¨ Indians who ¨cannot even keep ourselves clean¨ for having signed the Sustainable Forest Management Agreement for Amazon Communities with the company Amazon Holdings Limited represented by the international businessman David John Nilsson.

We are not ignorant, illiterate or ingenuous. We are men of work and we know when someone is taking advantage of us. For more than 10 years the NGO Instituto del Bien Común took advantage of us receiving economic benefits for the Regional Conservation Area included in our lands. In all this time we received not one sol in compensation or a single benefit. Now we are demanding that they inform us what economic benefits they have received to this date for the Regional Conservation Area and in what or how they have invested these benefits for the good of our communities but our words have fallen on deaf ears and closed eyes.

FOURTH: From the moment we subscribed the Agreement with the company Amazon Holdings Limited, the Instituto del Bien Común I.B.C. and Dan James Pantone Dobbratz, together with various international journalists such as Simeon Tegel have insistently sought to prejudice all that we have sought to arduously build.

FIFTH: In their efforts to ¨paint us as ignorant and illiterate Indians incapable of determining our own destiny, the team from 60 Minutes shows an ¨Indian¨ by the name of ¨Hennay Iscaata¨, supposedly a Yagua in Yagua territory, indicating that he is an ¨ignorant¨ and ¨illiterate¨ Indian who needs the protection of the program 60 Minutes. We would like to indicate that ¨Hennay Iscaata¨ doesn´t even belong to the ethnic grouping of the Yaguas much less to one of the Yagua communities who signed and ratified the Agreement with the company Amazon Holdings Limited represented by David John Nilsson.

For these reasons, us, the leaders of the Yagua Communities of the Apayacu River, formally present our discontent with the actions of the previously mentioned Australian citizens, for having entered our lands without permission and pretending to protect us from ourselves which is insulting at both a personal and an ethical level. It reminds us that we are still living as in the times of the conquest 500 years ago. Today, the white man continues to find reasons to tell us what we can do and how. These criteria are absurd and have no place in our territories.

This intromission into our ancestral territories without invitation and because of the facts mentioned we are obliged to file our legal complaint before your office and that of the Attorney-General of Australia soliciting:

  • A public apology to all those affected and prejudiced by Channel 9 of Australia referring here to our ethnic grouping as well as to David John Nilsson, for the damaging, false and incorrect affirmations they have made and which have resulted in so many blockages of our intents to work.
  • A public apology for having entered our territory without our consent and for having defrauded the public via their ¨painted indian¨ as though he represented our ethnic grouping or our Communities.
  • An indemnization for the damages and inconveniences that (these intromissions) have caused to our ethnicity and to our agreement with David John Nilsson.[1]     

Yours sincerely
Javier Fasanando Jucas

Presidet of FEPYRA

 [1]Legal Bases of the Agreement:

The Rules of the Political Constitution of the State (of Peru), Agreement No.169 o the International Labor Organization, The Law for the Promotion of Private Investment in the economic development of National Territorial Lands and of Rural and Native Communities¨, the Law for Forestry and Wildlife No27308, Supreme Decree No. 014-AG-2000, the National Palm Oil P


Original Spansh document submitted to the Australian Embassy






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