Dan Pantone AIDESEP failed

Dan Pantone and AIDESEP set out to destroy David Nilsson's credibility with the MATSES of Peru and failed. When the document that Dan Pantone fraudulently changed to discredit Nilsson was translated from English into Spanish - the words  "Philippine" and "Peso" was throughout the document was only changed on page one of the document. This clumsy attempt to discredit Nilsson came undone and Pantone was exposed!   

Additional supports information that shows there was no agreement:

  1. Brother Paul Mac Auley said there was no agreement with the MATSES (Peru) when he gave evidence in a Peruvian Court.
  2. The director of CEDIA in Loreto said that there was no agreement with the MATSES (Peru) when he gave evidence in a Peruvian Court.
  3. Dr. Daniel Huanam told the court that he had received document from Pantone.

Dan Pantone was attempting to steal David Nilsson’s carbon project and tried to have him and the head chief Angel Uaqui Maya of the MATSES killed. Dan Pantone said that Mr. David Nilsson was after the 450,000 ha of the MATSES Peru and he promised them billions of dollars from a carbon project. They completly trusted him and now they are left with nothing.

The MATSES (Peru) nation had a general assembly 17th May 2012 & 19th May 2012 where it was stated that AIDESEP was spreading false and misleading statements to the public about David Nilson. They had no pressure from David Nilsson to sign and contract.  This was not a scam by David Nilsson. [Source:  Pronoucement of the Native Communities Matses (Peru)]      <<  a must read document !!!

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