Chris Lang promoting propaganda

Chris Lang, Dan Pantone, and Patrick Bodenham were caught promoting Dan Pantone propaganda and aiding and abetting Dan Pantone's alledged criminal activities. The CONVEAGRO and the Trade Union CGTP in Loreto Peru with affiliations to World Federation of Trade Unions wrote these words in 2011:

We are pleased that the criminal actives of Dr. Pantone are finally being investigated by judicial authorities in Iquitos, for blackmail, fraud and aggravated robbery. We believe that Dr. Pantone is an international danger and we are also aware this man has caused problems in Colombia. We have heard allegations of a Colombian girl who was beaten and raped by him. He is also wanted [by] the Brazilian authorities related to his illegal photographs and DVDs of the MATIS tribe. We would like to see justice done before the man brings harm to someone else.

Chris Lang of was not aware of the promotion of various propaganda, and acted without verifying the truth of their sources. [Source: Union letter]


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